The world's most stunning 10 diving resorts, see the first one, just want to start

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giving people a sense of mystery,
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you will see beautiful coral reefs,
fish groups,
beautiful underwater plants,
and five beautiful colorful undersea scenery.
The worlds most stunning 10 diving resorts,
after reading,
go! 1.
Ko Tao,
if you are diving enthusiasts,
must have heard the name of Ko Tao! Ko Tao,
also known as Koh Tao,
is located in Koh Samui North 65 km west of Thailand Bay deep,
the location of the hidden point water temperature maintained at 28 degrees throughout the year,
is 365 days a year to embrace the sea,
exploring the seabed diving fans world class diving resort.
The island,
which has only 21 square kilometers,
is surrounded by 28 waters suitable for diving,
including 8 kilometers of coral reefs.
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