If children are not allowed to watch television until the age of 12, they will benefit from their lives

ring  advent of television,
children learn by reading.
information has been by others before digestion,
re synthesis,
re packaged,
and then accurately transmitted to our childrens living room,
they only need to be captured the audience sit on the line where the children chew all kinds of processed food and information.
Depending on the bias of television programs and entertainment activities,
they are constantly bombarded with media growth type.
As adults in the workplace become increasingly busy,
parents increasingly ignore their children,
abandon their influence and shape them,
and let the media influence them.
The world famous fantasy novelist Roald Dahl in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which said: never,
never let the children close to your TV,
it is best not to buy,
the most stupid thing.
Martin Lawson,
a British education expert,
said: if you let your children stop watching TV before the age of 12,
they will benefit from their lives.
As early as 5 years ago,