Fan Shengmei teaches you how to be a high EQ person with 102 micro lessons

ring he arrow up arrow above the reading,
pay attention to me,
I said [reading] top Jun hit series Ode to joy the first season finale finally,
is two person time to talk about the love of the most intensive Jun fan: Shengmei and Andy.
One has EQ,
one has intelligence quotient,
not only beauty,
but also a soft and rational heart inside.
About Andys IQ,
an article reading king had reproduced,
it gives a detailed and thorough analysis,
interested readers can refer to the Ode to joy: the adult world,
IQ in a level,
in order to play today,
we mainly talk about Fan Shengmei to a high EQ,
and recommended by after the reorganization of 102 micro class,
we tell you how to become a person of Eq.
[1] enhance the diagnosis ability,
the first step is to improve the EQ EQ,
also known as EQ,
is a kind of judgment,
evaluation and control of their emotions,
and to better understand and deal with the emotions of others (or motivation) ability.
whats called EQ? Take the role of Fan Shengmei as an example,