Don't say you are tall, the environment changed all the same

ring f us,
the environment in which we live is very important.
In many cases,
when the environment changes,
people change accordingly.
At least the people I see,
and even foreigners,
are like that.
Just take my foreigner colleagues.
Usually in their own countries,
are constantly saying that the intellectual property rights,
and boycott of piracy,
and every one has a model like.
But a few times China,
with everyone familiar,
is from the general staff to a high position can be the boss,
all without exception,
let us take to the market to buy pirated goods,
electronic products,
shoes and so on,
of course,
there are a large number of CD.
I told you this is not to tell you that foreigners also buy fake goods,
but just want to let you know what kind of circle people stay in.
not to mention,
the workplace ants are going to have a conference call with the Americans right now.
A new technology has just been introduced.
I have to discuss with Americans how to prevent products from being c