If children are not allowed to watch television until the age of 12, they will benefit from their lives

ring  advent of television,
children learn by reading.
information has been by others before digestion,
re synthesis,
re packaged,
and then accurately transmitted to our childrens living room,
they only need to be captured the audience sit on the line where the children chew all kinds of processed food and information.
Depending on the bias of television programs and entertainment activities,
they are constantly bombarded with media growth type.
As adults in the workplace become increasingly busy,
parents increasingly ignore their children,
abandon their influence and shape them,
and let the media influence them.
The world famous fantasy novelist Roald Dahl in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which said: never,
never let the children close to your TV,
it is best not to buy,
the most stupid thing.
Martin Lawson,
a British education expert,
said: if you let your children stop watching TV before the age of 12,
they will benefit from their lives.
As early as 5 years ago,

Fan Shengmei teaches you how to be a high EQ person with 102 micro lessons

ring he arrow up arrow above the reading,
pay attention to me,
I said [reading] top Jun hit series Ode to joy the first season finale finally,
is two person time to talk about the love of the most intensive Jun fan: Shengmei and Andy.
One has EQ,
one has intelligence quotient,
not only beauty,
but also a soft and rational heart inside.
About Andys IQ,
an article reading king had reproduced,
it gives a detailed and thorough analysis,
interested readers can refer to the Ode to joy: the adult world,
IQ in a level,
in order to play today,
we mainly talk about Fan Shengmei to a high EQ,
and recommended by after the reorganization of 102 micro class,
we tell you how to become a person of Eq.
[1] enhance the diagnosis ability,
the first step is to improve the EQ EQ,
also known as EQ,
is a kind of judgment,
evaluation and control of their emotions,
and to better understand and deal with the emotions of others (or motivation) ability.
whats called EQ? Take the role of Fan Shengmei as an example,

Captain America, the 3 brain hole, outside of the extra open

ring v_movier life,
just a minute team 3 beauty is hot release,
as the old members of the marvel,
the past by fans as make fun of watching others earn to spend,
but I always eat the earth is a small spider first joined the Marvel Universe big family.
With a small mouth,
attributes of the little spider,
the first into the organization,
the first battle that ring powder countless,
all kinds of rice works and derivative spoof naturally must put this little cute into the bowl.
The attention to the super hero comic characters animation creative team CartoonHooligans production,
the continuation of its flagship spoof route,
brain hole wide open for the heroes of the new scene: if the preset civil war captain team and Iron Man team wore clothing team duel,
the story will open the same? In this spoof foreign,
small spiders will attribute chatter stay adorable to play to the extreme.
Black Panther innocently tell,
beat up his teammates to beat rivals with no mercy.
Oolong small spi

I didn't expect you to be like this, Wallace Huo

ring r brother Hu pleaded! Hu: are you straight? What am I going to do? Reading the original is more exciting!

This is said to be the 20 most precious thing in life

ring ing is the users sorted out almost no eggs with what is said is good for nothing: small BA affection.
For example,
NOKIA protective cover is used to protect the home floor tiles,
roads and the earth ~ read the original more exciting!

The world's most stunning 10 diving resorts, see the first one, just want to start

ring China travel micro journal attention travel Raiders click the title below to share the story of blue attention to travel around the world under the sea,
giving people a sense of mystery,
people yearning; summer,
most smooth cool than dive in the water,
and swaying! On the bottom of the sea,
you will see beautiful coral reefs,
fish groups,
beautiful underwater plants,
and five beautiful colorful undersea scenery.
The worlds most stunning 10 diving resorts,
after reading,
go! 1.
Ko Tao,
if you are diving enthusiasts,
must have heard the name of Ko Tao! Ko Tao,
also known as Koh Tao,
is located in Koh Samui North 65 km west of Thailand Bay deep,
the location of the hidden point water temperature maintained at 28 degrees throughout the year,
is 365 days a year to embrace the sea,
exploring the seabed diving fans world class diving resort.
The island,
which has only 21 square kilometers,
is surrounded by 28 waters suitable for diving,
including 8 kilometers of coral reefs.
More than 100 t

Don't say you are tall, the environment changed all the same

ring f us,
the environment in which we live is very important.
In many cases,
when the environment changes,
people change accordingly.
At least the people I see,
and even foreigners,
are like that.
Just take my foreigner colleagues.
Usually in their own countries,
are constantly saying that the intellectual property rights,
and boycott of piracy,
and every one has a model like.
But a few times China,
with everyone familiar,
is from the general staff to a high position can be the boss,
all without exception,
let us take to the market to buy pirated goods,
electronic products,
shoes and so on,
of course,
there are a large number of CD.
I told you this is not to tell you that foreigners also buy fake goods,
but just want to let you know what kind of circle people stay in.
not to mention,
the workplace ants are going to have a conference call with the Americans right now.
A new technology has just been introduced.
I have to discuss with Americans how to prevent products from being c