To help businesses from the system to the quality of Chinese made to upgrade in five ways

ring orter Fan Tingting chairman of the world network operators a baby supplies had to let the team no longer detours,
to spend 500 thousand to buy a copy of the data reported,
until he settled in the Alibaba Chinese matter,
found that these data can be seen in the background.
He began to study cost control,
product development,
user maintenance and other things,
simply speaking,
is to make their own businesses out of a single mode of sale.
The chairman called Chen Qingliang,
this time as a Chinese made Guangdong Shantou toy industry enterprises representatives came to Qilu land,
and Shandong enterprises share the net experience.
Chinese project quality made in April last year started opening after the war in Putian,
Ningbo and Guangzhou,
and Shandong province in the country ranked Taobao and Tmall electricity supplier is ninth,
the turnover ranking of the best outdoor industry,
childrens clothing,
womens clothing,
tonic etc.
The quality of China election Shandong start,
it is the Shandong