Super housewife, so that the kitchen packed so admire

ring ke use of kitchen space? In fact,
this is also a knowledge ah ~ see super housewife is how to clean up,
only two words,
admire! 1,
the use of space kitchen space is limited,
so we must make good use of the gap around.
Dont waste a small gap between you and the refrigerator cabinets,
customize a small shelf ~ between you and the ground cabinet is also very easy to overlook the gap in the corners of 2,
sink around how to deal with? Near the pool structure is very special,
often affect our collection of debris.
In fact,
as long as we use the sink characteristics to storage will get more convenient oh ~ provides technical support so we can do such a small cabinet pull at the edge of the water groove,
do not need much space,
can just put down sponge and wash brush is good ~ we combine pipe structure,
create a a few shaped drawer.
Not only make full use of space,
and creative water beneath the cupboard ~ you can nail a such pipe,
hang some bottles.
Of course,
you also dont forget in the pool