Summary of transfer information of new three board agreement (May 13th)

ring he blue arrow above the arrow,
focus on the new board of the first media read new three.
Work name: Santa,
Sunset Artist: William,
Haseltine or more,
the information comes from the official website of the stock transfer system.
If you intend to deal with investors,
you can enter the National SME stock transfer system official website for detailed transaction information.
You can check the original transaction information by clicking the read the original on the bottom left.
Attention to the new three board agreement transfer transaction investment,
you can read ddxsb1 (WeChat).
Please tell me when you add it,
you are interested in the transfer of the agreement and have a pleasant surprise! Read three new board is the first media of new three board,
founded by senior media man and financial man.
The up arrow arrow length according to the two-dimensional code recognition,