See who tore who's Venus, also began to group CP!

ring on READ some people encounter,
there will be a strong chemical reaction.
Just as Zhao Wei and Ma,
Jay Chou and Wang Sicong,
and Feng Lunfeng horse cattle,
live the most CP? Alternative big coffee CP door has been opened.
What do you think CP has?.
They say that the road is wider and wider.
After that,
seemingly irrelevant things,
people can always touch a piece,
and they can do great things.
Today we talk about things that are not already,
and offbeat big coffee CP combination is the most profitable CP headlines: Ma Yun amp; Zhao Wei Yan value difference: (alien VS swallow) to three (VS: specificity entrepreneurial Godfather art director): the degree of understanding of investment (Star aura + network resources) a is a careless star,
a shrewd businessman.
The eight pole can not go to the CP,
but the amazing burst of sparks.
Apply a popular saying: why dont you go to heaven?.
Also say,
this two people touch a piece of really easy to make wealth fly back,
is indeed the combination of ali