Not only Hulun Buir, China's 6 largest

ring ,
they Minari wonderland.
I have seen the mountain,
I have seen the sea,
so I must see the grassland,
life is perfect! I dont know what grassland looks like in your eyes Some people say that it is like a green jade plate.
It should be endless and vast.
It should have melodious melodious,
wild horse galloping foil.
Amway China donkey give you six of the most beautiful grassland can definitely satisfy all you imagine of the prairie.
Eastern grassland of Hulun Buir: Northern Jasper,
paradise on earth,
and I want to go to Hulun Buir! East and West 300 kilometers,
200 kilometers north and south,
with a total area of about 100 thousand square kilometers,
natural grassland area accounted for 80%.
Once upon a time,
I didnt know what a charming color of green is.
Until I met Hulun Buir Grassland,
as if everything had to be redefined.
This is green,
gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind.
I met the blue and clear sky.
Under the white clouds,
it was a vast expanse of green grass