Luhan angry tear forced cattle out of trouble you can afford fans.

ring  that this morning brush micro-blog is to see this topic: Yes,
is Luhan with fans with the car for cattle unsafe behavior anger!! Luhan all cattle video that man burst,
boyfriend MAX!! The party said: drop and took the cattle car: actually Luhan is not the first time that do not want to let the fans with the car,
because it would be dangerous!! In fact,
Luhan is a fan of the star of love! Its not two days a day that you care about your fans! As a passer-by,
look at a thumb too!! After all,
not every big name can do it!! Xiao Bian today according to online information collecting,
we review the ~ crazy female fans: I want to beat Obamas face,
I want to close my husbands face.
Quan Zhilong assistant to female fans,
the right to ignore fans! The fans later explained that the security is,
it is possible that he hurried to catch the trip,
consider their own safety.
The brokerage firm where the artist is based said the security was airport related and not a company employee.
At a concert in Andy Lau