Because do not wear high-heeled shoes to be dismissed, working woman is faced with shackles, brave say not

ring  Pei from Chinese tour report on May 9th,
a petition signed by 100 thousand people in the British Parliaments website.
The petition,
which attracted the attention of all the British people,
was designed to resist the workplace dress code for professional women who must wear high heels at work.
The cause of the incident is a 27 year old Nicola Thorp at work because the company fired flat shoes.
PWC (PwC) is one of the big four international accounting firms,
has just been hired as a receptionist of the party Nicola Thorp was dismissed in the first day of work,
the reason is that she go to work wearing a pair of shoes.
They didnt allow me to work when I first arrived at the company because I didnt wear high heels.
I was surprised,
and then they told me flat do not meet women workplace dress rules ,
Nicola Thorp explained to the media.
Managers say if I dont go to the store to buy a pair of heels 5 to 10 centimeters high,
Ill be fired and I wont get any pay.
I work 9 hours a day and a