After announcing the 2 billion investment in Shougang, the small company will have 1 billion 200 million stake in its peers

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Following the announcement that 2 billion yuan shares of 50 million yuan shares of Shougang,
Hangzhou Iron and Steel shares,
steel net loss of 4 million 580 thousand yuan last year,
holding 152 million in cash will target to invest in its new board counterparts steel net.
the steel network announced 120 million yuan to subscribe for 20 million shares of the steel network,
after the issue accounted for 19.
becoming the second largest shareholder.
23% is not a small number,
which means that if the stake in steel,
steel net will become a strategic shareholder in the network; however,
carefully you will find that this ratio does not exceed 20%,
which means that the table and not.
China steel net operating income was 7 billion 400 million,
loss of 49 million yuan; steel network in 2015 revenue 102 million yuan,