Life is not only poetry and distance, but also colored smell of human fireworks

ring tomach,
taste buds there than the brain more deeply attached stubborn memories and food but are the most limited by the geographical customs things past cannot be recalled,
the sea and mountains and Hills home city.
Using food to string straightforward life an ordinary Home Dishes with fresh fuel can be romantic the poem can personally make their unique taste of food is our stomach inn to go now to hand it to practice! Hey! The dressing is not ready The official WeChat can get more attention Lijinji delicious recipes.

To help businesses from the system to the quality of Chinese made to upgrade in five ways

ring orter Fan Tingting chairman of the world network operators a baby supplies had to let the team no longer detours,
to spend 500 thousand to buy a copy of the data reported,
until he settled in the Alibaba Chinese matter,
found that these data can be seen in the background.
He began to study cost control,
product development,
user maintenance and other things,
simply speaking,
is to make their own businesses out of a single mode of sale.
The chairman called Chen Qingliang,
this time as a Chinese made Guangdong Shantou toy industry enterprises representatives came to Qilu land,
and Shandong enterprises share the net experience.
Chinese project quality made in April last year started opening after the war in Putian,
Ningbo and Guangzhou,
and Shandong province in the country ranked Taobao and Tmall electricity supplier is ninth,
the turnover ranking of the best outdoor industry,
childrens clothing,
womens clothing,
tonic etc.
The quality of China election Shandong start,
it is the Shandong

Luhan angry tear forced cattle out of trouble you can afford fans.

ring  that this morning brush micro-blog is to see this topic: Yes,
is Luhan with fans with the car for cattle unsafe behavior anger!! Luhan all cattle video that man burst,
boyfriend MAX!! The party said: drop and took the cattle car: actually Luhan is not the first time that do not want to let the fans with the car,
because it would be dangerous!! In fact,
Luhan is a fan of the star of love! Its not two days a day that you care about your fans! As a passer-by,
look at a thumb too!! After all,
not every big name can do it!! Xiao Bian today according to online information collecting,
we review the ~ crazy female fans: I want to beat Obamas face,
I want to close my husbands face.
Quan Zhilong assistant to female fans,
the right to ignore fans! The fans later explained that the security is,
it is possible that he hurried to catch the trip,
consider their own safety.
The brokerage firm where the artist is based said the security was airport related and not a company employee.
At a concert in Andy Lau

Not only Hulun Buir, China's 6 largest

ring ,
they Minari wonderland.
I have seen the mountain,
I have seen the sea,
so I must see the grassland,
life is perfect! I dont know what grassland looks like in your eyes Some people say that it is like a green jade plate.
It should be endless and vast.
It should have melodious melodious,
wild horse galloping foil.
Amway China donkey give you six of the most beautiful grassland can definitely satisfy all you imagine of the prairie.
Eastern grassland of Hulun Buir: Northern Jasper,
paradise on earth,
and I want to go to Hulun Buir! East and West 300 kilometers,
200 kilometers north and south,
with a total area of about 100 thousand square kilometers,
natural grassland area accounted for 80%.
Once upon a time,
I didnt know what a charming color of green is.
Until I met Hulun Buir Grassland,
as if everything had to be redefined.
This is green,
gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind.
I met the blue and clear sky.
Under the white clouds,
it was a vast expanse of green grass

[knife broadcast] May 13th news summary of Real Madrid

ring  the Real Madrid news broadcast.
The anchor knife meets you every night to bring you the latest and most authentic Madrid news.
Thank you for your support!

Because do not wear high-heeled shoes to be dismissed, working woman is faced with shackles, brave say not

ring  Pei from Chinese tour report on May 9th,
a petition signed by 100 thousand people in the British Parliaments website.
The petition,
which attracted the attention of all the British people,
was designed to resist the workplace dress code for professional women who must wear high heels at work.
The cause of the incident is a 27 year old Nicola Thorp at work because the company fired flat shoes.
PWC (PwC) is one of the big four international accounting firms,
has just been hired as a receptionist of the party Nicola Thorp was dismissed in the first day of work,
the reason is that she go to work wearing a pair of shoes.
They didnt allow me to work when I first arrived at the company because I didnt wear high heels.
I was surprised,
and then they told me flat do not meet women workplace dress rules ,
Nicola Thorp explained to the media.
Managers say if I dont go to the store to buy a pair of heels 5 to 10 centimeters high,
Ill be fired and I wont get any pay.
I work 9 hours a day and a

James curry and laughing suddenly a little Wade.

ring he above blue word basketball practical skills forum,
a key concern! Struggling to make the best basketball,
a foreign cartoonist at WeChat,
recently drew a cartoon,
where James and curry are basking in the sun,
waiting for their respective regional finals rivals.
After todays game,
Curitiba opponents have been identified,
but yinggutou,
Miami is the 2-4 side of the car out or will keep watch to grab seven suspense game tomorrow.
But the most painful thing about this cartoon is that Wade is in a pair of two.

Pretend to be like the wind, often accompanied by my iron man invincible is so lonely

ring  mermaid Deng Chao background music - invincible is how lonely the original iron man is installed X carry handle,
after reading seems to know the old iron vengance.
Iron Man 4: the death of Captain America

Super housewife, so that the kitchen packed so admire

ring ke use of kitchen space? In fact,
this is also a knowledge ah ~ see super housewife is how to clean up,
only two words,
admire! 1,
the use of space kitchen space is limited,
so we must make good use of the gap around.
Dont waste a small gap between you and the refrigerator cabinets,
customize a small shelf ~ between you and the ground cabinet is also very easy to overlook the gap in the corners of 2,
sink around how to deal with? Near the pool structure is very special,
often affect our collection of debris.
In fact,
as long as we use the sink characteristics to storage will get more convenient oh ~ provides technical support so we can do such a small cabinet pull at the edge of the water groove,
do not need much space,
can just put down sponge and wash brush is good ~ we combine pipe structure,
create a a few shaped drawer.
Not only make full use of space,
and creative water beneath the cupboard ~ you can nail a such pipe,
hang some bottles.
Of course,
you also dont forget in the pool

The entertainment who true false love love love

ring Ann and Gu Hye Seon have been killed by a pair of dogs! The two men have been dead since they announced their love affair.
In the video of the courtship of two previous exposures,
you can always hear the mans pet laughter! Anyway,
I covered my chest and fell down.
two people were invited to take pictures when the magazine,
Ahn Jae Hyun also cannot do without her.
theyve been in love for over a year now,
and theyre still sweet,
just like love.
When asked why he got married so early,
he said,
because I like her so much,
I just want to marry her so soon.
[knock on the blackboard]! This is her sister key! ] such a domineering confession!! I want to marry in minutes! The same love Li Chen and Fan Bingbing for more than a year,
and now has been adhering to the do not kill the single dog for the purpose of show affection,
are playing hooligans.
Two people are in all kinds of occasions,
love is not good.
you two get married! Micro-blog is not stop loving,
such as the two

See who tore who's Venus, also began to group CP!

ring on READ some people encounter,
there will be a strong chemical reaction.
Just as Zhao Wei and Ma,
Jay Chou and Wang Sicong,
and Feng Lunfeng horse cattle,
live the most CP? Alternative big coffee CP door has been opened.
What do you think CP has?.
They say that the road is wider and wider.
After that,
seemingly irrelevant things,
people can always touch a piece,
and they can do great things.
Today we talk about things that are not already,
and offbeat big coffee CP combination is the most profitable CP headlines: Ma Yun amp; Zhao Wei Yan value difference: (alien VS swallow) to three (VS: specificity entrepreneurial Godfather art director): the degree of understanding of investment (Star aura + network resources) a is a careless star,
a shrewd businessman.
The eight pole can not go to the CP,
but the amazing burst of sparks.
Apply a popular saying: why dont you go to heaven?.
Also say,
this two people touch a piece of really easy to make wealth fly back,
is indeed the combination of ali

My girlfriend flashed a knife at me and we ended up thinking nothing of it

ring at Doo Doo has been out,
and now people are popular.
According to the two-dimensional code attention take little brother Joe reply Avatar gets all bucket head at map was also complimentary a special Apple mobile phone wallpaper forcing ocd! Thats probably the effect.
Cool enough to make you wonder about your life.

26 year old girl can be cool handsome male female can be smaller than the us to fashion circle rolling Li

ring mens first edition of the most popular female public number,
click the title below the blue word,
pay attention to her magazine,
we evaluate handsome men,
beautiful women,
usually say men handsome new height,
women beautiful new realm.
when a woman can be a new realm of beauty,
and can be a new height,
what kind of experience is it? The Swedish born female model,
Erika Linder,
told you the answer in 1990.
Do you have the sense of sight when you are young? Yes,
she was named young female plum.
A man is so handsome that he cries a lot of women,
not to mention a woman! Whats more,
her sister thinks she can be as handsome as Xiao mei.
Shes super man gas field and look like a foreigner as a female version of the template.
When it comes to look,
Erika Linder in fruit sister Katy Perry single Unconditional Lyric Video (Lyric video) in the show so users exclaimed: how could someone get hurt,
heart was so perfect and elegant! In fact,
before shooting the Lyric Video of fruit sis

Summary of transfer information of new three board agreement (May 13th)

ring he blue arrow above the arrow,
focus on the new board of the first media read new three.
Work name: Santa,
Sunset Artist: William,
Haseltine or more,
the information comes from the official website of the stock transfer system.
If you intend to deal with investors,
you can enter the National SME stock transfer system official website for detailed transaction information.
You can check the original transaction information by clicking the read the original on the bottom left.
Attention to the new three board agreement transfer transaction investment,
you can read ddxsb1 (WeChat).
Please tell me when you add it,
you are interested in the transfer of the agreement and have a pleasant surprise! Read three new board is the first media of new three board,
founded by senior media man and financial man.
The up arrow arrow length according to the two-dimensional code recognition,

After announcing the 2 billion investment in Shougang, the small company will have 1 billion 200 million stake in its peers

ring he blue arrow above the arrow,
focus on the new board of the first media read new three.
Work title: The,
Sorrento Artist: Thomas,
never sleep.
Following the announcement that 2 billion yuan shares of 50 million yuan shares of Shougang,
Hangzhou Iron and Steel shares,
steel net loss of 4 million 580 thousand yuan last year,
holding 152 million in cash will target to invest in its new board counterparts steel net.
the steel network announced 120 million yuan to subscribe for 20 million shares of the steel network,
after the issue accounted for 19.
becoming the second largest shareholder.
23% is not a small number,
which means that if the stake in steel,
steel net will become a strategic shareholder in the network; however,
carefully you will find that this ratio does not exceed 20%,
which means that the table and not.
China steel net operating income was 7 billion 400 million,
loss of 49 million yuan; steel network in 2015 revenue 102 million yuan,

Ibrahimovic left De Rossi to give up treatment on domineering

ring daily examines the most valuable football messages of the past 24 hours and reviews of the most talented netizens.
when is the king,
go into the legendary Ibrahimovic issued a declaration left on twitter,
confirmation will bid farewell to this summer in PSG,
but the Swedish God tower has definitely not retired,
so he will be joining a new team in the summer.
Ibrahimovics contract with Paris expires at the end of the season,
and Paris now has only one game left in the league,
which is the last home of the PSG this season.
Before the game,
Ibrahimovic posted a note on twitter,
claiming he would be playing at the last game at home in Paris,
and the Swedish striker wrote,
tomorrow will be my last battle at Prince Park.
I came like a king and left like a legend.
God commented on joseph9394: Nantes will be slaughtered.
The next day: cloud drifts; free to play 2 years! Two,
France says we are ready! French national coach Didier Deschamps has announced his squad for the 23 Europ

I am not old, but mature than other children

ring ng: what do guys think they look so old? How to try different styles according to their own situation? The following is the text you beside friends always good,
I am your brother big chest edge,
the transformation to the surgeon by me today.
The transformation is two college students,
one is a medical professional Zhang Yuexiao students,
one is engaged in architectural design Yu Yaocheng students.
So I think,
life time of university is better for a period of time,
because you can try many different styles! I will send you into a dream you have never seen.
Here we have officially entered the transformation link first welcomed Zhang Yuexiao students we expected debut: I am a science male grass root,
others say I look older,
want to try fresh style,
but the feeling does not manage,
this is not the way to go! the edge of Zhang Xiao shoes,
read the picture pink T,
give me the most intuitive image is wearing something loose.
The shoulder line than the shoulders is wide,
suit length almost to the cro