[will] lunatic Beijing Railway Station 3 years can change both fresh

is the next line of fresh subversion of the Internet,
or the next line of fresh transformation and upgrading success? Fresh food industry is very special,
not only has a lot of shelf-life,
storage methods of different categories,
but also has a long history of evolution.
What sparks will the Internet system and the role of thinking spark in this industry? In the next 3 years,
will the overall industry pattern change? [place] time,
Friday May 6,
2016 13:00 Beijing: 18:00 [agenda] sign admission free exchange host: billion state power network editor topic A: Qu Liwei fresh blue ocean pain Huarun million project director Hou Yue questions topic two: breaking up potential dare for the first - the first fresh electricity providers look at the general manager of Beijing branch of fresh