Wang Xiaoni, that's an impenetrable wall

lick the blue [] you view view highlights - Abstract ID:ipress said that from 1961 to 1989 of 28 years,
successfully fled to West Berlin 5043 people,
3221 people were arrested during the escape,
260 people were injured in the way to escape,
died directly across the Berlin wall with 176 people.
Berlin has a reputation as a city of museums.
But I don't think the last thing to miss in Berlin is the Charlie checkpoint Charlie (checkpoint),
which is a special exhibit on the Berlin wall.
More than ten years ago,
when I briefly stopped in Germany,
I happened to know that there was an exhibition hall and I heard it was a private institution.
It is near a small street,
a subway station near Berlin and saw many grand grand public buildings,
more like an ordinary houses in Berlin.
In the period of