To the lazy cancer patients after the festival slimming assists [beauty skills]

terview the small partners,
how many people now face is like adding special effects,
Duang? Silently,
isn't that me?.
that means eating a lot of you every day! Summer storm inhalation of desserts,
ice cream is the result of Duang on the face! It has led us to start a long career of losing weight.
To lose weight,
this difficulty,
the biggest killer is lazy,
do not want to stick to.
So the red show Chinese network editor decided to enlarge trick,
let you a week of relaxation,
and every day without the same rejection of meat,
look down You'll see.
this week looks like a very good plan to lose weight.
this week's less fat week plan,
we have to start enthusiastically on Sunday! Sunday: lighten the burden.
Start with a small cup of fruit juice.
From now on,
we're going to h