There are a variety of snacks, buy a send a burst of goods you rob me to buy 517 chowhound section Sheng burst struck

ught net welfare concern together,
not shut to again to change the season is so capricious,
sometimes hot and sometimes cold.
If there is anything in the world that has not changed,
it is the pursuit of food (eating) heart,
after all,
life is the most delicious food.
I bought 517 chowhound section Sheng burst struck! Today to the first wave of ~ snacks,
buy one get one,
there are a variety of explosive surprise,
are you ready? Straight down explosive goods do not participate in the buy one get one [] yellow coloured Spicy Peanut (self bagged 210g*5) price: 4.
90 [panic buying self] California wilderness selected pistachio 100g*3 price: 9.
70 [panic buying] a self Brazil pine alley (canned 220 grams of *2) retail price: 9 [proprietary] Ganyuan crab horsebean (75g package) *5