The 4 million 690 thousand midnight sun is no longer out of reach, Antarctic Peninsula classic voyage No.

go to the Antarctic continent,
and total area equivalent to the mainland and South Asia China area (13 million 900 thousand square kilometers),
is covered by a huge ice snow,
magnificent glaciers,
seemingly a wilderness,
but also home to ten species of animal,
there are more than 220 kinds of minerals.
Millions of years of eternal scenery,
awe inspiring,
this is the South pole.
If you do not come here,
you will not know the nobility and charm of this planet.
Midnight sunshine,
the new journey of the Antarctic began in 1893,
Norway adventure cruise company - Haida Luther,
has been sailing experience for a hundred years.
The midnight sun number is under the banner of the ice class cruise ship,
large volume,
a total of 274 rooms and 2 exquisite panoramic hall,
is the largest cruise