The 1997 children's film was a childhood shadow of countless 90s, but it was actually an adult film

not the loss of reason and fanaticism,
but the loneliness of being sober.
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there are two big events in my memory.
One is to follow the news not completely understand the return of Hongkong to cheer; second,
the magic of the spell is a domestic children's film: crazy rabbit! Crazy rabbit! Crazy rabbit! This is a computer game for the creation of the film inside the material,
crazy child,
strange laughter,
like being delirious ghost.
I was young,
after watching this movie for a long time,
students are afraid to see,
if they like the children in the film,
broken my instrument,
and surrounded me,
take my turn to hell.
How to figure out,
such a horrible film,
the school year is the heart - organ