Talking is talking and pretending to be someone else

Wan central source / WAN central female (Apple1990-kun) this article authorized conference chat,
that is,
in the heart of other people chat,
is a special art thing.
Of course it's fun.
I am a college classmate,
grades are pretty bad,
but the teacher likes him very much.
he can go through the world by one mouth.
Why? Because I can chat.
I like Guo Degang,
He can make conversation into art.
If you want to make you comfortable,
you feel sick and you feel sick.
Can you chat? At one time,
I couldn't chat very much.
Do not know,
please shut up,
please leave a blank,
and her husband to buy second-hand housing.
The landlord is a looking 50 year old uncle,
we are about to meet the property,
he came with a 8 year old girl.
Four people always feel embarrassed at a loss about what t