Superstition made in Japan, a group of Chinese people were shocked to buy a pit

he top concern,
Tencent finance,
to experience more exciting content,
lead irrational consumption,
is brought about by unsatisfactory results.
Irrational consumption brings about unsatisfactory results.
Duty-free shops to create false buy false impression,
Chinese tourists caught before the Spring Festival this year,
a group of four people travel to Japan with the group.
In February 1st,
Japan Japan travel holiday travel guide,
they ride the bus to Tokyo duty-free shopping Shinjuku A& S.
On the way,
the tour guide cited so-called television publicity photos and other information,
to promote the car,
Buli million tourists natto product efficacy,
said it has significant effect on improving hypertension,
joint pain etc.
After the store shopping a sell after Mr.
Zhang intro