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mu 1,
I believe that all the people in the world are eager to be loved.
In our years of growing up,
gradually away from their parents,
alone in a strange city to go to work,
say that the more grown up,
the more lonely,
this is the experience of all those who grow up to understand the truth.
In this process,
the most often accompany us is lonely,
day and night,
in every empty sad night,
it is like a nightmare,
call to come,
we always envy those who are in love among the people,
the overbearing president,
gentle girl,
the image appeared in the TV movie,
do you think your love which is like this,
no one around in a street,
the dim light shines on your body touching you hug,
eyes only to each other,
the frame like your heart picture,
romantic hap