Power is not bad, but also fuel-efficient, these are really worth a lot of attention 12T

MW 7 is equipped with 2.
0T engine,
with its worth nearly one million hits,
that will make many people lost one eye,
a large luxury cars are equipped with a lot of time dare to lower level model will be adopted by the 2.
don't lose the integrity of luxury cars? Wrong,
this is the trend of future development,
the loss of power and guaranteeing the fuel economy to some extent,
can also contribute to environmental protection in order to boast,
but also can reduce the emissions tax,
why not do,
I believe that in the future,
there will be more and more luxury cars follow BMW's footsteps,
and Professor today to introduce several very promising 1.
2T models! Advantages: the appearance of unique design flaws: the whole system is not recommended skylight crowd: young people new in order to be diff