Only learning the appearance is not enough, the independent brand should learn such central control design

system may be a lot of friends are not very clear what is,
MMI system called Multi-Media Interface,
that is,
multimedia interactive system.
To put it bluntly,
is a Audi's own R & D vehicle system.
The first generation MMI system was unveiled at the 2001 Frankfurt motor show.
What was the concept of 2001,
when private cars in China had just started?.
Where was the new MMI system then? That is,
the previous old models of dense buttons are synthesized into a system,
and then through a few function keys to achieve the operation.
At that time,
BMW's iDrive system is not the same reason,
but first appeared on the 7 line.
By the time A8 came out,
the MMI system came into play.
By the year of the Olympic Games,
Q5 came into existence,
and after seven years of development,
the functions of the MMI