I spent 20 thousand yuan buying socks, and finally bought only three pairs

irst fashion media | Fanzhu said: This is a value of 20 thousand yuan (the evaluation.
| beans,
authorized business scope issued) the author to write this article review the beans,
and spent more than 20 thousand yuan,
real investment for each big brand socks.
This is a kind of dedication! Fan friends,
decisive collection ~ seeking cheap naicao socks.
just buy a good buy,
buy so expensive? 20 pieces of socks UNIQLO I see very good.
This is.
I can often hear some arguments about socks.
Japanese huanzuo boots,
a Japanese company making socks simply called boots house (Tabio),
the first to hear the grades,
I think is insole.
after an explanation,
suddenly realized.
At the beginning of a list of so-called socks without expensive argument is in the circl