I heard that the 6 listed companies were 360 largest possibility of backdoor

announced the privatization of Qihoo 360,
each step closer to the A share market attention.
The latest news shows,
the Qihoo 360 privatization project has been approved by the national development and Reform Commission,
entered the stage of publicity.
The current market capitalization of 65 billion of the company's return to A shares,
which shell to borrow,
will hit a record in the stock return,
the speculation on the dust even overshadowed the company's own concerns.
In 2015,
a total of 33 listed companies in the United States received a privatisation offer,
according to data from the clearing house research centre.
From Focus Media to the giant network backdoor century cruise,
this wave of return tide,
backdoor listing has become the standard stock in the stock.
In fact,
the number of c