Hua Fei Zhen Huan blankets to European luxury light wind seckill

now when,
the tradition is disappearing from us,
the street cries gradually disappeared,
handicraft workshop gradually disappeared,
familiar story gradually disappeared.
A life history,
a site into the need to protect the heritage,
do a like Chinese,
we can Chinese according to her own way in fact do not have a charm,
you still have European high technology as the quality of life of LOGO? Warmth is the first impression of a blanket.
for us,
is also the first impression of the weaving skills of Beijing Palace carpets.
When a touch palace carpet,
in addition to natural wool gentle touch,
as if still retained a carpet builders palm's temperature.
Beijing palace blanket,
also known as official square blanket,
latitude and longitude line metrical poetry.
How is a palace bl