C side does not play, now travel BtoB entrepreneurship best time

ow is the best time travel B2B companies.
In recent years,
with the improvement of residents' income,
80 and 90 gradually become the main groups of tourism consumption,
which has set off the Chinese tourism market.
And tourism industry chain considerable scalability,
but also to more and more capital and entrepreneurs influx.
But in 2015,
people's enthusiasm for travel demand has not declined,
the capital winter has suddenly come to the tourism industry circle.
where to go,
eLong merger,
the layout of the C side of the start-up company's living space has been severely squeezed,
difficult to survive.
In 2015 B2B in the field of tourism companies,
is another big picture: the cloud,
another red,
find and travel tens of millions or even billions of financing,
ticket h