60 years old, he only do one thing in life, and finally recovered the most beautiful voice in the world

point - Jun good now recommend people love one thing,
for three minutes,
the life of the time in the things you love,
do you dare? If I tell you,
there is a father spent all her life in the radio,
and spent the whole 11 years,
pure Handmade one can listen to music on the radio,
you will ask,
who is so stupid? Come here,
is the father of the father came into the house,
scared us,
everywhere is soil fried days of radios and speakers,
instantly have a way to go back to the last century,
and open Taobao shop around.
He called Ceng Dejun,
60 years old this year,
is the first in the China sound expert research,
is also the first Chinese Hi-Fi amps designer,
known as the father of Chinese danji.
Has won 4 times the United States CES audio design awards.
Since the age of 7 in the old Red Army h