If children are not allowed to watch television until the age of 12, they will benefit from their lives

ring  advent of television,
children learn by reading.
information has been by others before digestion,
re synthesis,
re packaged,
and then accurately transmitted to our childrens living room,
they only need to be captured the audience sit on the line where the children chew all kinds of processed food and information.
Depending on the bias of television programs and entertainment activities,
they are constantly bombarded with media growth type.
As adults in the workplace become increasingly busy,
parents increasingly ignore their children,
abandon their influence and shape them,
and let the media influence them.
The world famous fantasy novelist Roald Dahl in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which said: never,
never let the children close to your TV,
it is best not to buy,
the most stupid thing.
Martin Lawson,
a British education expert,
said: if you let your children stop watching TV before the age of 12,
they will benefit from their lives.
As early as 5 years ago,

Fan Shengmei teaches you how to be a high EQ person with 102 micro lessons

ring he arrow up arrow above the reading,
pay attention to me,
I said [reading] top Jun hit series Ode to joy the first season finale finally,
is two person time to talk about the love of the most intensive Jun fan: Shengmei and Andy.
One has EQ,
one has intelligence quotient,
not only beauty,
but also a soft and rational heart inside.
About Andys IQ,
an article reading king had reproduced,
it gives a detailed and thorough analysis,
interested readers can refer to the Ode to joy: the adult world,
IQ in a level,
in order to play today,
we mainly talk about Fan Shengmei to a high EQ,
and recommended by after the reorganization of 102 micro class,
we tell you how to become a person of Eq.
[1] enhance the diagnosis ability,
the first step is to improve the EQ EQ,
also known as EQ,
is a kind of judgment,
evaluation and control of their emotions,
and to better understand and deal with the emotions of others (or motivation) ability.
whats called EQ? Take the role of Fan Shengmei as an example,

Captain America, the 3 brain hole, outside of the extra open

ring v_movier life,
just a minute team 3 beauty is hot release,
as the old members of the marvel,
the past by fans as make fun of watching others earn to spend,
but I always eat the earth is a small spider first joined the Marvel Universe big family.
With a small mouth,
attributes of the little spider,
the first into the organization,
the first battle that ring powder countless,
all kinds of rice works and derivative spoof naturally must put this little cute into the bowl.
The attention to the super hero comic characters animation creative team CartoonHooligans production,
the continuation of its flagship spoof route,
brain hole wide open for the heroes of the new scene: if the preset civil war captain team and Iron Man team wore clothing team duel,
the story will open the same? In this spoof foreign,
small spiders will attribute chatter stay adorable to play to the extreme.
Black Panther innocently tell,
beat up his teammates to beat rivals with no mercy.
Oolong small spi

I didn't expect you to be like this, Wallace Huo

ring r brother Hu pleaded! Hu: are you straight? What am I going to do? Reading the original is more exciting!

This is said to be the 20 most precious thing in life

ring ing is the users sorted out almost no eggs with what is said is good for nothing: small BA affection.
For example,
NOKIA protective cover is used to protect the home floor tiles,
roads and the earth ~ read the original more exciting!

The world's most stunning 10 diving resorts, see the first one, just want to start

ring China travel micro journal attention travel Raiders click the title below to share the story of blue attention to travel around the world under the sea,
giving people a sense of mystery,
people yearning; summer,
most smooth cool than dive in the water,
and swaying! On the bottom of the sea,
you will see beautiful coral reefs,
fish groups,
beautiful underwater plants,
and five beautiful colorful undersea scenery.
The worlds most stunning 10 diving resorts,
after reading,
go! 1.
Ko Tao,
if you are diving enthusiasts,
must have heard the name of Ko Tao! Ko Tao,
also known as Koh Tao,
is located in Koh Samui North 65 km west of Thailand Bay deep,
the location of the hidden point water temperature maintained at 28 degrees throughout the year,
is 365 days a year to embrace the sea,
exploring the seabed diving fans world class diving resort.
The island,
which has only 21 square kilometers,
is surrounded by 28 waters suitable for diving,
including 8 kilometers of coral reefs.
More than 100 t

Don't say you are tall, the environment changed all the same

ring f us,
the environment in which we live is very important.
In many cases,
when the environment changes,
people change accordingly.
At least the people I see,
and even foreigners,
are like that.
Just take my foreigner colleagues.
Usually in their own countries,
are constantly saying that the intellectual property rights,
and boycott of piracy,
and every one has a model like.
But a few times China,
with everyone familiar,
is from the general staff to a high position can be the boss,
all without exception,
let us take to the market to buy pirated goods,
electronic products,
shoes and so on,
of course,
there are a large number of CD.
I told you this is not to tell you that foreigners also buy fake goods,
but just want to let you know what kind of circle people stay in.
not to mention,
the workplace ants are going to have a conference call with the Americans right now.
A new technology has just been introduced.
I have to discuss with Americans how to prevent products from being c

Life is not only poetry and distance, but also colored smell of human fireworks

ring tomach,
taste buds there than the brain more deeply attached stubborn memories and food but are the most limited by the geographical customs things past cannot be recalled,
the sea and mountains and Hills home city.
Using food to string straightforward life an ordinary Home Dishes with fresh fuel can be romantic the poem can personally make their unique taste of food is our stomach inn to go now to hand it to practice! Hey! The dressing is not ready The official WeChat can get more attention Lijinji delicious recipes.

To help businesses from the system to the quality of Chinese made to upgrade in five ways

ring orter Fan Tingting chairman of the world network operators a baby supplies had to let the team no longer detours,
to spend 500 thousand to buy a copy of the data reported,
until he settled in the Alibaba Chinese matter,
found that these data can be seen in the background.
He began to study cost control,
product development,
user maintenance and other things,
simply speaking,
is to make their own businesses out of a single mode of sale.
The chairman called Chen Qingliang,
this time as a Chinese made Guangdong Shantou toy industry enterprises representatives came to Qilu land,
and Shandong enterprises share the net experience.
Chinese project quality made in April last year started opening after the war in Putian,
Ningbo and Guangzhou,
and Shandong province in the country ranked Taobao and Tmall electricity supplier is ninth,
the turnover ranking of the best outdoor industry,
childrens clothing,
womens clothing,
tonic etc.
The quality of China election Shandong start,
it is the Shandong

Luhan angry tear forced cattle out of trouble you can afford fans.

ring  that this morning brush micro-blog is to see this topic: Yes,
is Luhan with fans with the car for cattle unsafe behavior anger!! Luhan all cattle video that man burst,
boyfriend MAX!! The party said: drop and took the cattle car: actually Luhan is not the first time that do not want to let the fans with the car,
because it would be dangerous!! In fact,
Luhan is a fan of the star of love! Its not two days a day that you care about your fans! As a passer-by,
look at a thumb too!! After all,
not every big name can do it!! Xiao Bian today according to online information collecting,
we review the ~ crazy female fans: I want to beat Obamas face,
I want to close my husbands face.
Quan Zhilong assistant to female fans,
the right to ignore fans! The fans later explained that the security is,
it is possible that he hurried to catch the trip,
consider their own safety.
The brokerage firm where the artist is based said the security was airport related and not a company employee.
At a concert in Andy Lau

Not only Hulun Buir, China's 6 largest

ring ,
they Minari wonderland.
I have seen the mountain,
I have seen the sea,
so I must see the grassland,
life is perfect! I dont know what grassland looks like in your eyes Some people say that it is like a green jade plate.
It should be endless and vast.
It should have melodious melodious,
wild horse galloping foil.
Amway China donkey give you six of the most beautiful grassland can definitely satisfy all you imagine of the prairie.
Eastern grassland of Hulun Buir: Northern Jasper,
paradise on earth,
and I want to go to Hulun Buir! East and West 300 kilometers,
200 kilometers north and south,
with a total area of about 100 thousand square kilometers,
natural grassland area accounted for 80%.
Once upon a time,
I didnt know what a charming color of green is.
Until I met Hulun Buir Grassland,
as if everything had to be redefined.
This is green,
gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind.
I met the blue and clear sky.
Under the white clouds,
it was a vast expanse of green grass

[knife broadcast] May 13th news summary of Real Madrid

ring  the Real Madrid news broadcast.
The anchor knife meets you every night to bring you the latest and most authentic Madrid news.
Thank you for your support!

Because do not wear high-heeled shoes to be dismissed, working woman is faced with shackles, brave say not

ring  Pei from Chinese tour report on May 9th,
a petition signed by 100 thousand people in the British Parliaments website.
The petition,
which attracted the attention of all the British people,
was designed to resist the workplace dress code for professional women who must wear high heels at work.
The cause of the incident is a 27 year old Nicola Thorp at work because the company fired flat shoes.
PWC (PwC) is one of the big four international accounting firms,
has just been hired as a receptionist of the party Nicola Thorp was dismissed in the first day of work,
the reason is that she go to work wearing a pair of shoes.
They didnt allow me to work when I first arrived at the company because I didnt wear high heels.
I was surprised,
and then they told me flat do not meet women workplace dress rules ,
Nicola Thorp explained to the media.
Managers say if I dont go to the store to buy a pair of heels 5 to 10 centimeters high,
Ill be fired and I wont get any pay.
I work 9 hours a day and a

James curry and laughing suddenly a little Wade.

ring he above blue word basketball practical skills forum,
a key concern! Struggling to make the best basketball,
a foreign cartoonist at WeChat,
recently drew a cartoon,
where James and curry are basking in the sun,
waiting for their respective regional finals rivals.
After todays game,
Curitiba opponents have been identified,
but yinggutou,
Miami is the 2-4 side of the car out or will keep watch to grab seven suspense game tomorrow.
But the most painful thing about this cartoon is that Wade is in a pair of two.

Pretend to be like the wind, often accompanied by my iron man invincible is so lonely

ring  mermaid Deng Chao background music - invincible is how lonely the original iron man is installed X carry handle,
after reading seems to know the old iron vengance.
Iron Man 4: the death of Captain America

Super housewife, so that the kitchen packed so admire

ring ke use of kitchen space? In fact,
this is also a knowledge ah ~ see super housewife is how to clean up,
only two words,
admire! 1,
the use of space kitchen space is limited,
so we must make good use of the gap around.
Dont waste a small gap between you and the refrigerator cabinets,
customize a small shelf ~ between you and the ground cabinet is also very easy to overlook the gap in the corners of 2,
sink around how to deal with? Near the pool structure is very special,
often affect our collection of debris.
In fact,
as long as we use the sink characteristics to storage will get more convenient oh ~ provides technical support so we can do such a small cabinet pull at the edge of the water groove,
do not need much space,
can just put down sponge and wash brush is good ~ we combine pipe structure,
create a a few shaped drawer.
Not only make full use of space,
and creative water beneath the cupboard ~ you can nail a such pipe,
hang some bottles.
Of course,
you also dont forget in the pool

The entertainment who true false love love love

ring Ann and Gu Hye Seon have been killed by a pair of dogs! The two men have been dead since they announced their love affair.
In the video of the courtship of two previous exposures,
you can always hear the mans pet laughter! Anyway,
I covered my chest and fell down.
two people were invited to take pictures when the magazine,
Ahn Jae Hyun also cannot do without her.
theyve been in love for over a year now,
and theyre still sweet,
just like love.
When asked why he got married so early,
he said,
because I like her so much,
I just want to marry her so soon.
[knock on the blackboard]! This is her sister key! ] such a domineering confession!! I want to marry in minutes! The same love Li Chen and Fan Bingbing for more than a year,
and now has been adhering to the do not kill the single dog for the purpose of show affection,
are playing hooligans.
Two people are in all kinds of occasions,
love is not good.
you two get married! Micro-blog is not stop loving,
such as the two

See who tore who's Venus, also began to group CP!

ring on READ some people encounter,
there will be a strong chemical reaction.
Just as Zhao Wei and Ma,
Jay Chou and Wang Sicong,
and Feng Lunfeng horse cattle,
live the most CP? Alternative big coffee CP door has been opened.
What do you think CP has?.
They say that the road is wider and wider.
After that,
seemingly irrelevant things,
people can always touch a piece,
and they can do great things.
Today we talk about things that are not already,
and offbeat big coffee CP combination is the most profitable CP headlines: Ma Yun amp; Zhao Wei Yan value difference: (alien VS swallow) to three (VS: specificity entrepreneurial Godfather art director): the degree of understanding of investment (Star aura + network resources) a is a careless star,
a shrewd businessman.
The eight pole can not go to the CP,
but the amazing burst of sparks.
Apply a popular saying: why dont you go to heaven?.
Also say,
this two people touch a piece of really easy to make wealth fly back,
is indeed the combination of ali

My girlfriend flashed a knife at me and we ended up thinking nothing of it

ring at Doo Doo has been out,
and now people are popular.
According to the two-dimensional code attention take little brother Joe reply Avatar gets all bucket head at map was also complimentary a special Apple mobile phone wallpaper forcing ocd! Thats probably the effect.
Cool enough to make you wonder about your life.

26 year old girl can be cool handsome male female can be smaller than the us to fashion circle rolling Li

ring mens first edition of the most popular female public number,
click the title below the blue word,
pay attention to her magazine,
we evaluate handsome men,
beautiful women,
usually say men handsome new height,
women beautiful new realm.
when a woman can be a new realm of beauty,
and can be a new height,
what kind of experience is it? The Swedish born female model,
Erika Linder,
told you the answer in 1990.
Do you have the sense of sight when you are young? Yes,
she was named young female plum.
A man is so handsome that he cries a lot of women,
not to mention a woman! Whats more,
her sister thinks she can be as handsome as Xiao mei.
Shes super man gas field and look like a foreigner as a female version of the template.
When it comes to look,
Erika Linder in fruit sister Katy Perry single Unconditional Lyric Video (Lyric video) in the show so users exclaimed: how could someone get hurt,
heart was so perfect and elegant! In fact,
before shooting the Lyric Video of fruit sis

Summary of transfer information of new three board agreement (May 13th)

ring he blue arrow above the arrow,
focus on the new board of the first media read new three.
Work name: Santa,
Sunset Artist: William,
Haseltine or more,
the information comes from the official website of the stock transfer system.
If you intend to deal with investors,
you can enter the National SME stock transfer system official website for detailed transaction information.
You can check the original transaction information by clicking the read the original on the bottom left.
Attention to the new three board agreement transfer transaction investment,
you can read ddxsb1 (WeChat).
Please tell me when you add it,
you are interested in the transfer of the agreement and have a pleasant surprise! Read three new board is the first media of new three board,
founded by senior media man and financial man.
The up arrow arrow length according to the two-dimensional code recognition,

After announcing the 2 billion investment in Shougang, the small company will have 1 billion 200 million stake in its peers

ring he blue arrow above the arrow,
focus on the new board of the first media read new three.
Work title: The,
Sorrento Artist: Thomas,
never sleep.
Following the announcement that 2 billion yuan shares of 50 million yuan shares of Shougang,
Hangzhou Iron and Steel shares,
steel net loss of 4 million 580 thousand yuan last year,
holding 152 million in cash will target to invest in its new board counterparts steel net.
the steel network announced 120 million yuan to subscribe for 20 million shares of the steel network,
after the issue accounted for 19.
becoming the second largest shareholder.
23% is not a small number,
which means that if the stake in steel,
steel net will become a strategic shareholder in the network; however,
carefully you will find that this ratio does not exceed 20%,
which means that the table and not.
China steel net operating income was 7 billion 400 million,
loss of 49 million yuan; steel network in 2015 revenue 102 million yuan,

Ibrahimovic left De Rossi to give up treatment on domineering

ring daily examines the most valuable football messages of the past 24 hours and reviews of the most talented netizens.
when is the king,
go into the legendary Ibrahimovic issued a declaration left on twitter,
confirmation will bid farewell to this summer in PSG,
but the Swedish God tower has definitely not retired,
so he will be joining a new team in the summer.
Ibrahimovics contract with Paris expires at the end of the season,
and Paris now has only one game left in the league,
which is the last home of the PSG this season.
Before the game,
Ibrahimovic posted a note on twitter,
claiming he would be playing at the last game at home in Paris,
and the Swedish striker wrote,
tomorrow will be my last battle at Prince Park.
I came like a king and left like a legend.
God commented on joseph9394: Nantes will be slaughtered.
The next day: cloud drifts; free to play 2 years! Two,
France says we are ready! French national coach Didier Deschamps has announced his squad for the 23 Europ

I am not old, but mature than other children

ring ng: what do guys think they look so old? How to try different styles according to their own situation? The following is the text you beside friends always good,
I am your brother big chest edge,
the transformation to the surgeon by me today.
The transformation is two college students,
one is a medical professional Zhang Yuexiao students,
one is engaged in architectural design Yu Yaocheng students.
So I think,
life time of university is better for a period of time,
because you can try many different styles! I will send you into a dream you have never seen.
Here we have officially entered the transformation link first welcomed Zhang Yuexiao students we expected debut: I am a science male grass root,
others say I look older,
want to try fresh style,
but the feeling does not manage,
this is not the way to go! the edge of Zhang Xiao shoes,
read the picture pink T,
give me the most intuitive image is wearing something loose.
The shoulder line than the shoulders is wide,
suit length almost to the cro

Superstition made in Japan, a group of Chinese people were shocked to buy a pit

he top concern,
Tencent finance,
to experience more exciting content,
lead irrational consumption,
is brought about by unsatisfactory results.
Irrational consumption brings about unsatisfactory results.
Duty-free shops to create false buy false impression,
Chinese tourists caught before the Spring Festival this year,
a group of four people travel to Japan with the group.
In February 1st,
Japan Japan travel holiday travel guide,
they ride the bus to Tokyo duty-free shopping Shinjuku A& S.
On the way,
the tour guide cited so-called television publicity photos and other information,
to promote the car,
Buli million tourists natto product efficacy,
said it has significant effect on improving hypertension,
joint pain etc.
After the store shopping a sell after Mr.
Zhang intro

North of Guangzhou Shenzhen housing prices fell out of the first echelon which taking over the city

he top concern,
Tencent finance,
to experience more exciting content,
lead hurricane style heating up,
most Chinese cities housing prices began to narrow.
Former leading national Beijing,
Shenzhen and other first tier cities,
house prices also fell out of the top ten of the first echelon.
After Hurricane warming,
most of China's major cities housing prices began to narrow.
Former leading national Beijing,
Shenzhen and other first tier cities,
house prices also fell out of the top ten of the first echelon.
Release Chinese Index Research Institute before the report,
April 2016,
100 city China monitored (New) residential average price of 11467 yuan per square meter,
up 1.
or 0.
45 percentage points last month narrowed.
It is worth noting that,

I heard that the 6 listed companies were 360 largest possibility of backdoor

announced the privatization of Qihoo 360,
each step closer to the A share market attention.
The latest news shows,
the Qihoo 360 privatization project has been approved by the national development and Reform Commission,
entered the stage of publicity.
The current market capitalization of 65 billion of the company's return to A shares,
which shell to borrow,
will hit a record in the stock return,
the speculation on the dust even overshadowed the company's own concerns.
In 2015,
a total of 33 listed companies in the United States received a privatisation offer,
according to data from the clearing house research centre.
From Focus Media to the giant network backdoor century cruise,
this wave of return tide,
backdoor listing has become the standard stock in the stock.
In fact,
the number of c

United fans dissatisfied with the performance of lingard

United fans network Oh can subscribe according to thepeoplesperson news,
Manchester United fans for lingard in the Red Devils and the fox City game was unhappy with the performance.
Please click to read the original content with.
! Welcome to the United fans net official WeChat menu bar Manchester United news information to obtain first-hand information to register Manchester United fans can be registered as a member,
and fifty thousand Reds fans interact more chance to get the official version of the United players Signed Jersey (including club official certificate).
Click to read the original text only for you not to miss more content,
micro signal WWWMUREDSCOM long,
according to identify two-dimensional code,
pay attention to us

Only learning the appearance is not enough, the independent brand should learn such central control design

system may be a lot of friends are not very clear what is,
MMI system called Multi-Media Interface,
that is,
multimedia interactive system.
To put it bluntly,
is a Audi's own R & D vehicle system.
The first generation MMI system was unveiled at the 2001 Frankfurt motor show.
What was the concept of 2001,
when private cars in China had just started?.
Where was the new MMI system then? That is,
the previous old models of dense buttons are synthesized into a system,
and then through a few function keys to achieve the operation.
At that time,
BMW's iDrive system is not the same reason,
but first appeared on the 7 line.
By the time A8 came out,
the MMI system came into play.
By the year of the Olympic Games,
Q5 came into existence,
and after seven years of development,
the functions of the MMI

How was it possible to find out that the professor was late today?

time to explain the letter you got in the car and pulled out the professor,
you can play WeChat WeChat mobile phone to update to the latest version of the latest version of the latest version of the latest version (don't ask me the latest version,
good!) Then what do you want to do? Car top professor sticky cars car top professor Professor points to open the subscription number,
find the car down and then follow the professor simple point to open the car the professor then click the upper right corner of the button,
then the top down top finish! Android users press public numbers can also complete a do not say,
got in the car after the car you will find a different scenery from the five seas dirty brother waiting for you had got the car track,
gun girl waiting for you!

[will] lunatic Beijing Railway Station 3 years can change both fresh

is the next line of fresh subversion of the Internet,
or the next line of fresh transformation and upgrading success? Fresh food industry is very special,
not only has a lot of shelf-life,
storage methods of different categories,
but also has a long history of evolution.
What sparks will the Internet system and the role of thinking spark in this industry? In the next 3 years,
will the overall industry pattern change? [place] time,
Friday May 6,
2016 13:00 Beijing: 18:00 [agenda] sign admission free exchange host: billion state power network editor topic A: Qu Liwei fresh blue ocean pain Huarun million project director Hou Yue questions topic two: breaking up potential dare for the first - the first fresh electricity providers look at the general manager of Beijing branch of fresh

C side does not play, now travel BtoB entrepreneurship best time

ow is the best time travel B2B companies.
In recent years,
with the improvement of residents' income,
80 and 90 gradually become the main groups of tourism consumption,
which has set off the Chinese tourism market.
And tourism industry chain considerable scalability,
but also to more and more capital and entrepreneurs influx.
But in 2015,
people's enthusiasm for travel demand has not declined,
the capital winter has suddenly come to the tourism industry circle.
where to go,
eLong merger,
the layout of the C side of the start-up company's living space has been severely squeezed,
difficult to survive.
In 2015 B2B in the field of tourism companies,
is another big picture: the cloud,
another red,
find and travel tens of millions or even billions of financing,
ticket h

Deep quest for the promised land of milk and honey - Israel

the Bible gives the Lord the sacred promised land of Abraham's descendants,
where milk and honey flow.
Mose led the refugees out of Egypt and split the Red Sea in order to regain the sacred land here.
two thousand years of experience in exile and sorrow war separation,
but still scattered all over the world Jewish dream world.
the boundary of the three continents,
is forever at the heart of the storm in the world,
but still has the most industrious and intelligent people.
between 22 countries in Arabia as the only Jewish majority countries in the most tenacious Zionist,
rapidly developed countries.
Travel network exclusive launch depth exploration of Jewish culture,
1 special arrangements for the traditional delicacy in religious Druze,
very mysterious Druz

The 4 million 690 thousand midnight sun is no longer out of reach, Antarctic Peninsula classic voyage No.

go to the Antarctic continent,
and total area equivalent to the mainland and South Asia China area (13 million 900 thousand square kilometers),
is covered by a huge ice snow,
magnificent glaciers,
seemingly a wilderness,
but also home to ten species of animal,
there are more than 220 kinds of minerals.
Millions of years of eternal scenery,
awe inspiring,
this is the South pole.
If you do not come here,
you will not know the nobility and charm of this planet.
Midnight sunshine,
the new journey of the Antarctic began in 1893,
Norway adventure cruise company - Haida Luther,
has been sailing experience for a hundred years.
The midnight sun number is under the banner of the ice class cruise ship,
large volume,
a total of 274 rooms and 2 exquisite panoramic hall,
is the largest cruise

Talking is talking and pretending to be someone else

Wan central source / WAN central female (Apple1990-kun) this article authorized conference chat,
that is,
in the heart of other people chat,
is a special art thing.
Of course it's fun.
I am a college classmate,
grades are pretty bad,
but the teacher likes him very much.
he can go through the world by one mouth.
Why? Because I can chat.
I like Guo Degang,
He can make conversation into art.
If you want to make you comfortable,
you feel sick and you feel sick.
Can you chat? At one time,
I couldn't chat very much.
Do not know,
please shut up,
please leave a blank,
and her husband to buy second-hand housing.
The landlord is a looking 50 year old uncle,
we are about to meet the property,
he came with a 8 year old girl.
Four people always feel embarrassed at a loss about what t

Their home is only 12 square meters, but it is full of the whole world

rd of happiness is what 100 people have in mind 100 answers but no matter what kind of answer cannot do without a bit of happiness is the premise of a lot of people happy idea that happiness must have a set of their own house but lost to a house what is the meaning of happiness that happiness? Three years ago,
Guillaume Dutilh and Jenna Spesard the couple as well as most of the workers working day and night is also the husband is an engineer,
photography wife administrative assistant,
like the writing of house is rented every little bit accumulate but a careful wife does not sit down payment to keep house for it is not only do the couple made an important decision to make the dream into reality and not buy more amazing more free plan to start the couple have quit working to build a savings

Party members can not stock, WeChat circle of friends does not belong to private space, the answer here

le source: Deng Qingke / Hunan daily new revision of the Chinese self-discipline standards and the Communist Party of the Communist Party of Chinese disciplinary regulations (hereinafter referred to as the guidelines and the Regulations) two regulations is the eighteen largest since our party strict political discipline and political rules,
the implementation of the eight provisions against the four winds to institutionalize the important achievements,
is the crystallization of the latest practice comprehensive strictly.
Regulations by many party building experts called since the reform and opening up the most comprehensive,
the most strict party discipline,
is our party since the founding of the first,
both consistent and advancing with the times,
the system of written inner-

The real identity of the father of bitcoin is finally announced, this is he

man Craig Wright (photo: Xinhua / Reuters) Australian man Craig Wright 2 claimed that he is father of bitcoin in the Cong Cong.
Broadcasting British Corporation reported that Wright provided technical evidence,
in addition,
his statement has been bitcoin big brother in the ring recognition.
Broadcasting British Corporation reported that Wright told Broadcasting British Corporation reporter,
it was in 2009 he proposed the concept of bitcoin.
This concept is mainly made by me,
but I also get the help of others.
Wright said,
choose to stand out to indicate identity,
is hoping to stop the erroneous information about bitcoin dissemination.
I'm sure bitcoin and block chains can make the world a better place.
After careful consideration,
I decided to disclose my identity.
You should kno

Yang Yang and Victoria Song were already on their way to the end of last year's little spending

last month,
one of the most exciting events in the entertainment world was the news of Yang Yang Victoria Song's love affair! Although a lot of media later did related figures reported,
but after all,
graphics ah! The president doesn't go the ordinary way! Unique insight,
another way! Special eight,
their relationship behind the paparazzi war! (portal: Yang Yang Victoria Song and Zhao Liying exposure,
behind the running than love is wonderful!) Nothing is more wonderful than love itself! (yes!) But the dissatisfied little wife still wants the president to analyze the true and false of Yang Yang and Victoria Song's love affair.
in order to carry out the justice of the entertainment circle,
safeguard the peace in the Bagua circles! The purity of the president once again invite

60 years old, he only do one thing in life, and finally recovered the most beautiful voice in the world

point - Jun good now recommend people love one thing,
for three minutes,
the life of the time in the things you love,
do you dare? If I tell you,
there is a father spent all her life in the radio,
and spent the whole 11 years,
pure Handmade one can listen to music on the radio,
you will ask,
who is so stupid? Come here,
is the father of the father came into the house,
scared us,
everywhere is soil fried days of radios and speakers,
instantly have a way to go back to the last century,
and open Taobao shop around.
He called Ceng Dejun,
60 years old this year,
is the first in the China sound expert research,
is also the first Chinese Hi-Fi amps designer,
known as the father of Chinese danji.
Has won 4 times the United States CES audio design awards.
Since the age of 7 in the old Red Army h

They took the engine out of the plane and made a chair

ecrux/ the | | shop owner,
shop owners,
please reply to foreigners authorized produced brain holes is not generally large,
UK based furniture design company Fallen Furniture abandoned the Boeing 737 aircraft engine cover removed,
with a dome to create a luxurious custom leather chair.
So heavy and dark hood through multiple steps hand polished,
the glistening mirror effect,
the inside of the interior is of high quality black leather cushion,
and the engine cover the perfect collocation.
So the chair can also be customized according to personal preferences,
the price is certainly not cheap,
the designer said this Handmade functional works of art is a tribute to the aviation industry,
but also to aircraft enthusiasts have the opportunity to use aircraft parts to decorate their homes.
You ha!

Cost 500 million Harry Porter theme park in the end what kind of?

years of planning and construction of two and a half years finally completed the Harry Porter magic world theme park Universal Studio Hollywood (Universal Studios Hollywood) a reality version of the Hawke Watts cost 500 million.
In 2007,
the Harry Porter series published the original version of the last work,
J K Rowling (J.
Rowling) the magic Empire did not stop the pace of open land frontier: the adaptation of the original movie,
Harry Potter mysterious website,
magical animal derived books where (Fantastical Beasts and Where to Find Them) (the film version of the book will be released this year),
Harry Potter and the drama sequel cursed children (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child) and theme park.
due to the purchase of the April 7th theme park opening d

3 months after Alipay WeChat to pay the electricity bills may be halted

most popular billion state power network electricity supplier in this event.
1 Alipay may not be able to pay the electricity bills was close to the national grid from the relevant department,
the national grid issued a document in the near future,
ask around the promotion of the national grid has its own payment platform e treasure,
established the dominant position of electrical e treasure online pay electricity.
At the same time,
the document mentioned that the national grid is considering closing the third party electricity payment interface.
This means that the future users will have to use WeChat,
Alipay may not be able to pay for electricity.
Electric e treasure is the State Grid's new financial App,
formally launched in April 15th this year.
The national grid will want electric

To the lazy cancer patients after the festival slimming assists [beauty skills]

terview the small partners,
how many people now face is like adding special effects,
Duang? Silently,
isn't that me?.
that means eating a lot of you every day! Summer storm inhalation of desserts,
ice cream is the result of Duang on the face! It has led us to start a long career of losing weight.
To lose weight,
this difficulty,
the biggest killer is lazy,
do not want to stick to.
So the red show Chinese network editor decided to enlarge trick,
let you a week of relaxation,
and every day without the same rejection of meat,
look down You'll see.
this week looks like a very good plan to lose weight.
this week's less fat week plan,
we have to start enthusiastically on Sunday! Sunday: lighten the burden.
Start with a small cup of fruit juice.
From now on,
we're going to h

Sorry, you are only fit for single now

mu 1,
I believe that all the people in the world are eager to be loved.
In our years of growing up,
gradually away from their parents,
alone in a strange city to go to work,
say that the more grown up,
the more lonely,
this is the experience of all those who grow up to understand the truth.
In this process,
the most often accompany us is lonely,
day and night,
in every empty sad night,
it is like a nightmare,
call to come,
we always envy those who are in love among the people,
the overbearing president,
gentle girl,
the image appeared in the TV movie,
do you think your love which is like this,
no one around in a street,
the dim light shines on your body touching you hug,
eyes only to each other,
the frame like your heart picture,
romantic hap

Wang Xiaoni, that's an impenetrable wall

lick the blue [] you view view highlights - Abstract ID:ipress said that from 1961 to 1989 of 28 years,
successfully fled to West Berlin 5043 people,
3221 people were arrested during the escape,
260 people were injured in the way to escape,
died directly across the Berlin wall with 176 people.
Berlin has a reputation as a city of museums.
But I don't think the last thing to miss in Berlin is the Charlie checkpoint Charlie (checkpoint),
which is a special exhibit on the Berlin wall.
More than ten years ago,
when I briefly stopped in Germany,
I happened to know that there was an exhibition hall and I heard it was a private institution.
It is near a small street,
a subway station near Berlin and saw many grand grand public buildings,
more like an ordinary houses in Berlin.
In the period of

In order to Beijing and his wife together this guy went to France in 9 years away

he attention,
the most beautiful China original video the occupation can damage hearing,
after the age of fifty or sixty,
we often can't hear what.

Power is not bad, but also fuel-efficient, these are really worth a lot of attention 12T

MW 7 is equipped with 2.
0T engine,
with its worth nearly one million hits,
that will make many people lost one eye,
a large luxury cars are equipped with a lot of time dare to lower level model will be adopted by the 2.
don't lose the integrity of luxury cars? Wrong,
this is the trend of future development,
the loss of power and guaranteeing the fuel economy to some extent,
can also contribute to environmental protection in order to boast,
but also can reduce the emissions tax,
why not do,
I believe that in the future,
there will be more and more luxury cars follow BMW's footsteps,
and Professor today to introduce several very promising 1.
2T models! Advantages: the appearance of unique design flaws: the whole system is not recommended skylight crowd: young people new in order to be diff

I spent 20 thousand yuan buying socks, and finally bought only three pairs

irst fashion media | Fanzhu said: This is a value of 20 thousand yuan (the evaluation.
| beans,
authorized business scope issued) the author to write this article review the beans,
and spent more than 20 thousand yuan,
real investment for each big brand socks.
This is a kind of dedication! Fan friends,
decisive collection ~ seeking cheap naicao socks.
just buy a good buy,
buy so expensive? 20 pieces of socks UNIQLO I see very good.
This is.
I can often hear some arguments about socks.
Japanese huanzuo boots,
a Japanese company making socks simply called boots house (Tabio),
the first to hear the grades,
I think is insole.
after an explanation,
suddenly realized.
At the beginning of a list of so-called socks without expensive argument is in the circl

The 1997 children's film was a childhood shadow of countless 90s, but it was actually an adult film

not the loss of reason and fanaticism,
but the loneliness of being sober.
This article has obtained the authorized micro signal of the public tea pot: chabaogirl,
there are two big events in my memory.
One is to follow the news not completely understand the return of Hongkong to cheer; second,
the magic of the spell is a domestic children's film: crazy rabbit! Crazy rabbit! Crazy rabbit! This is a computer game for the creation of the film inside the material,
crazy child,
strange laughter,
like being delirious ghost.
I was young,
after watching this movie for a long time,
students are afraid to see,
if they like the children in the film,
broken my instrument,
and surrounded me,
take my turn to hell.
How to figure out,
such a horrible film,
the school year is the heart - organ

Now Karl Max is quiet, making revolution only in books

Marx ran dissident Karl Max running along the railway line to Paris to Brussels running along the coast of British Museum in London to run him Jewish Mose along with him and Abraham run him Greek Platon and Epicurus along with him running on his body and the German Hagel Feuerbach told him a run of dissent Karl Marx molecular breathlessly run the Prussian press prosecutor after catching up with Russian diplomats in France after catching up with the secret police in hot pursuit of British undercover in the library the ground head let him send the article we make his speech now Karl Max is very quiet in the books of a beautiful new revolution the new new human dissident Trotsky running along the public Almaty to Turkey route to run along the coast of Norway to Mexico to run his Jewish Jesus

After being an actor, Mizuhara Kiko mixed up the Asian entertainment circles

le is the author: Star News Agency star authorized to use.
Want to know more information about Star News Agency star? Welcome to search micro signal: App_Star public number: Xingwen agency star Mizuhara Kiko hot search,
this has nothing to do with GD.
Because Zhao Wei's new film no other love,
partner Yuan Quan,
Leon Dai,
net friend said that this crew mainly see temperament! And Mizuhara Kiko,
who is a Japanese model,
what does he do in China? Mizuhara Kikoyoungwen's name was Kiko,
and many people were impressed by her impression of GD's ex girlfriend and Japanese model.
Mizuhara Kiko was born in Texas,
my father is American,
mother is living in Japan for the North Koreans,
grew up in Japan's Hyogo Prefecture,
she has two Japanese American nationality,
the body ha

The bank can talk to you about poetry and dreams besides talking about money

a bank advertisement in WeChat circle of friends forwarded by a large number of people have recommended,
after just 60 seconds after the film,
specially for it to write a few hundred words long feelings,
others say that it changed my view of the bank.
This is the retail brand of Pudong Development Bank,
which is your newest bank.
Starting from the Huangpu River,
headquartered in the Far East was the most exquisite building the Bund No.
Chinese and Western culture,
let the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank in the financial industry has always been to become an independent school culture temperament and concern.
let's start with this advertisement and interpret the different financial ideas and humanistic feelings of Shanghai Pudong Development bank.
We want to be a bank that und

Hua Fei Zhen Huan blankets to European luxury light wind seckill

now when,
the tradition is disappearing from us,
the street cries gradually disappeared,
handicraft workshop gradually disappeared,
familiar story gradually disappeared.
A life history,
a site into the need to protect the heritage,
do a like Chinese,
we can Chinese according to her own way in fact do not have a charm,
you still have European high technology as the quality of life of LOGO? Warmth is the first impression of a blanket.
for us,
is also the first impression of the weaving skills of Beijing Palace carpets.
When a touch palace carpet,
in addition to natural wool gentle touch,
as if still retained a carpet builders palm's temperature.
Beijing palace blanket,
also known as official square blanket,
latitude and longitude line metrical poetry.
How is a palace bl

The Japanese are not only delicious chowhound yen value is also very high snacks

he all Japanese fan community (ID:iJapan520).
Here's everything you want to know about Japan.
Did you make it? Now the community Jun top,
please click on the home page at the upper right corner of the icon head! Pictures from the network,
buy Japanese red fungus dessert: inventory summed up the 9 Japanese style desserts,
Yan value high to you look,
forget calories,
lose weight,
thin things ~ odd number of public concern in Japan Amateur community (ID:iJapan520),
here is what you want to know everything about Japan if you have written Japanese related articles related stories to share with more people so small contact (with WeChat oshima7),
rushed to contribute by two-dimensional code to concern all Japan Amateur community click to read the original can play all kinds of games.

Fashion adventures follow Alice in Wonderland, a natural fantasy trip

dreamy girls,
Alice in Wonderland,
the second one will be released in May,
ready to start the adventure with Alice? You know,
this classic fantasy story is not only suitable for people who love to open their brains,
but also loved by the fashion world! We Vogue US once this subject had a group of large,
COSPLAY characters are also big famous actress Alice,
played by Natalia Vodianova,
the fruit,
the image of temperament are consistent with.
So the major fashion designers also join,
willing to green,
sitting on the sofa is the creative director of LV Nicolas Ghesquiere.
So the laobiye recognition is not high,
the natural skin sister suspense.
So this Daoguajingou is playing Tom Ford~ come to fashion inspired by Alice in Wonderland have taken advantage of a lot of surrounding series,
such as

There are a variety of snacks, buy a send a burst of goods you rob me to buy 517 chowhound section Sheng burst struck

ught net welfare concern together,
not shut to again to change the season is so capricious,
sometimes hot and sometimes cold.
If there is anything in the world that has not changed,
it is the pursuit of food (eating) heart,
after all,
life is the most delicious food.
I bought 517 chowhound section Sheng burst struck! Today to the first wave of ~ snacks,
buy one get one,
there are a variety of explosive surprise,
are you ready? Straight down explosive goods do not participate in the buy one get one [] yellow coloured Spicy Peanut (self bagged 210g*5) price: 4.
90 [panic buying self] California wilderness selected pistachio 100g*3 price: 9.
70 [panic buying] a self Brazil pine alley (canned 220 grams of *2) retail price: 9 [proprietary] Ganyuan crab horsebean (75g package) *5