more questions and Clintons want him out

more questions and Clintons want him out

That was true when he was a member of Congress, where he sometimes spoke from the House floor in a verbal conflagration on the order of Sherman blazing through Atlanta. It was true when he entered the race for New York mayor two years after resigning from Congress in disgrace the titters of disbelief still audible in the press gallery. And it remains true today, when he has pointedly not listened to his former leader in the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, who captured the feeling of many Americans in telling Mr. Weiner to get a clue and drop out of the mayoral race.

But at this point, is sheer force of will enough to get him to Election Day on Nov. 5?

True, what we learned Tuesday is undeniably awful. It turns out that a year after the married congressman was forced to resign from his post in Washington because he was trading raunchy and racy online posts with single women and then lying about it, he was still doing it.

But in a way, that makes his run for mayor this year all the more important. While its possible he could have a third act at some distant future, the new revelations heaped on the previous revelations mean he either wins this race or hes taking a long siesta from politics. Thats something he clearly doesnt want to contemplate.

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Moreover, he and his wife, Huma Abedin, seemed prepared for all this. Never mind that he called himself Carlos Danger and carried on explicitly sexual conversations with a 20something named Sydney Leathers last year, to them its old news, and regardless of this baggage, they apparently think he is a politician who can help New York. They seem happy to let the voters decide one way or the other.

And while future polls could get worse, hes hardly out of the picture still in second place with 19 percent of the vote compared with 25 percent for frontrunner Christine Quinn. Hes also go plenty of money for the time being. In fact, Weiner has $4.8 million, second only to Ms. Quinns $6 million, according to a report by the New York Daily News published a week before the new scandal surfaced.

So its possible that, for Weiner, things are playing out largely as he expected in a worstcase scenario. For someone who had the pluck to run for mayor of Americas biggest apple two years after being paraded in public in the Internet ages answer to tar and feathers, a week of bad press might not seem a gamechanger.