Hardy Irish brave flood

Hardy Irish brave flood

However, it hasnt stopped these hardy souls from continuing their pilgrimage.It was like something out of a horror movie, Gerard Moynihan, a Lourdesbased tour operator with Joe Walsh Tours, told the Herald. No words can describe the damage and the intensity of the water. Its so bad that the water has even been rising above the hotel name signs.

We have 100 over from Dublin now and were hopeful that they wont be as disrupted as others have been.

Some hotels have been closed but weve got them in the Hotel Solitude which, thankfully, hasnt been affected by the floods, Mr Moynihan said.

The Rosary Basilica reopened yesterday morning and the torchlight processions started again at 8pm Irish time last night. The Grotto area is expected to reopen today.

We had 600 people from the Cashel and Emly diocese here and they have just gone home. Another 500 were supposed to travel over from Limerick but their trip has been cancelled.

The 600 people we had here arrived on the June 16 and it was 31C at the time, and nobody expected this to happen

Mr Moynihan, who is from Limerick but lives in the area for the busy visitor season, said that the area has just got its electricity supply back and the damage caused will cost millions to repair.