gives conditional approval to stump grinding operation

gives conditional approval to stump grinding operation


The new owner of a former stump grinder site on Gravel Hill won conditional approval Monday night from township supervisors, in another of a series of steps Gravel Hill Enterprises needs before it can start operations.

Even with the green light from the township, Gravel Hill must wait for approval from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, which has placed a cleanup order on the property.

The cleanup order stems from the way the previous owner of the former Stine farm, Clayton Stine Jr., operated his stump recycling operation.

The stumps piled up so high, they were more than Stine could handle. Then things got even worse when they caught fire.

The supervisors later discussed at length concerns they have about DiDomenicos offer to pay the township a $2.50 tipping fee for each tractor trailer load of material trucked in or out of the property, with the guarantee there would be no more than a maximum of 25 loads a day and a maximum of 125 a week.