Nelson Mandela taken to hospital in

Nelson Mandela taken to hospital in

Nelson Mandela was readmitted to hospital early on Saturday with a renewed lung infection and was in serious but stable condition, South Africas presidency said, marking the second hospital stay in as many months for the ailing antiapartheid icon.

During the past few days former president Nelson Mandela has had a recurrence of lung infection, President Jacob Zumas office said in a statement.

This morning at about 1:30 am 2330 GMT Friday his condition deteriorated and he was transferred to a Pretoria hospital. He remains in a serious but stable condition, it said.

It marks the second hospitalisation in as many months for the frail antiapartheid hero, who will turn 95 in July. On April 6 he was released after being treated for pneumonia during a 10day stay.

The Nobel Peace Prize winner has stayed in hospital four times in just over half a year, mostly over problems with his chest.

In December 2012, he was hospitalised for 18 days for a lung infection and for gallstones surgery, his longest stay in hospital since he walked free from 27 years in jail in 1990.

In March he was admitted for a day for a scheduled checkup and during his 10day stay weeks later, doctors drained a buildup of fluid, known as a pleural effusion or water on the lungs, that had developed in his chest.

Zumas office said on Saturday that the former President is receiving expert medical care and doctors are doing everything possible to make him better and comfortable.

President Jacob Zuma, on behalf of government and the nation, wishes Madiba a speedy recovery and requests the media and the public to respect the privacy of Madiba and his family.

Mandela has not been seen in public since the World Cup final in 2010, where he appeared on the pitch before kickoff.

Following his April hospital stay, the release of television footage showing a frail and distant Mandela being visited at home by ANC leaders sparked outrage and accusations that the party was exploiting Mandela.

The images aired by state broadcaster SABC which were the first public footage of the Nobel peace laureate in almost nine months showed an unsmiling, distant Mandela seated upright on a couch, his legs covered in a blanket.

His head was propped up by a pillow, he appeared to speak at one point and closed his eyes tight when someone in the room took a photo with flash.

He was surrounded by ruling African National Congress party leaders including Zuma, who said Mandela was doing well and up and about.

South Africans took to social networks to accuse politicians of parading their national hero in front of the cameras for their own gain.

Mandela was diagnosed with earlystage tuberculosis in 1988 during his 27 year jail term and has long had problems with his lungs.

He has also had treatment for prostate cancer and has suffered stomach ailments.

His eyesight is also said to be highly sensitive to flashlight due to damage caused by the long time he spent working on a quarry during his imprisonment on Robben Island.

Lacoste Noir review

Lacoste Noir review

Wearing like a distinguished olfactory polo that perfect for warm summer nights, Lacoste new scent unexpectedly opens up on the bright side bottled afternoon breeze, really giving you subtle hints of watermelon, lavender, verbena think lemon, and Egyptian basil. The light aroma lingers about as long as a good dusk, before unfolding into something chocolaty warm and ever so musky. There patchouli in it, but you hardly notice because its final destination is swanky sweet. Basically, a smart and sophisticated scent for just about any warm weather occasion that comes accompanied with a view of the sunset.

Lacoste Noir also has something called Cyclodextrin in it, which sounds like something your doctor might prescribe, right? In truth, it a sugarbased molecule that allows the scent to release more intensely over a longer period of time and keeps the scent working, even through sweat.

Crystal Reports formula method

Crystal Reports formula method

GroupName just returns a string of. well, the current Group Name. This is either just the field you were grouping on, or is a value customized via the Group Expert > Options Change Group Options > Customize Group Name Field. Its whatever displays in the group tree.

If its not listed in the Crystal Reports Online Help, which is oddly the case with GroupName, then your best bet is some good, oldfashioned Googling. Im not sure of any resource other than commercial products that lists descriptions and usage instructions for all the functions, properties, etc.

When you group on a date, Crystal gives you options again in the Group Expert > Options as to how you want that date handled in the grouping such as for each day, for each week, for each month, etc. So when you reference the group in a formula, it not enough to just pass the field you grouping on. You need to also specify how you handling that field.

gives conditional approval to stump grinding operation

gives conditional approval to stump grinding operation


The new owner of a former stump grinder site on Gravel Hill won conditional approval Monday night from township supervisors, in another of a series of steps Gravel Hill Enterprises needs before it can start operations.

Even with the green light from the township, Gravel Hill must wait for approval from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, which has placed a cleanup order on the property.

The cleanup order stems from the way the previous owner of the former Stine farm, Clayton Stine Jr., operated his stump recycling operation.

The stumps piled up so high, they were more than Stine could handle. Then things got even worse when they caught fire.

The supervisors later discussed at length concerns they have about DiDomenicos offer to pay the township a $2.50 tipping fee for each tractor trailer load of material trucked in or out of the property, with the guarantee there would be no more than a maximum of 25 loads a day and a maximum of 125 a week.

How to submit an event listing

How to submit an event listing

The universitys online event calendar lists campus activities and events that are sponsored by Virginia Tech students, faculty, or staff organizations or held on the Virginia Tech campus and are open to the university. All colleges, departments, or registered student organizations should have access to submit an event.

To post an event once you are registered as a sponsor, simply click on Upcoming Events on the university homepage or Virginia Tech News homepage; then click the Update tab upper righthand corner of page; Log In with your PID and password; and follow the simple instructions. Submitted events must contain contact information. Also, please note that event titles should not contain quote marks or be written in all caps.

Events should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event and must contain contact information. Items for the event calendar are approved by the Virginia Tech News staff before being posted. Events submitted 48 hours before the event itself will not be approved. In an effort to provide our readers with the best possible assortment of available information, Virginia Tech News reserves the right to delete repetitive or duplicate calendar listings.

How Maria Mitchell found a comet and a place for women among the stars

How Maria Mitchell found a comet and a place for women among the stars

But what exactly did Mitchell see?

Comets are dirty ice balls made up of frozen water and gases. The objects orbit the sun, and as they get closer to the sun, the mass starts to melt, explains Michael West, director of the Maria Mitchell Observatory. The warmth of the sun produces an outer tail, which is what stargazers can see in the sky.

Commonly confused with comets, asteroids are made up of hard chunks of rock, and meteors are asteroids that enter Earths atmosphere. Whereas asteroidobservation might require a nightlong stargazing stakeout, comets generally move more slowly through the night sky and can usually be seen for several nights. And a comets path, and its orbit speed, can be predicted through nights of observation, says Mr. West.

Comets dont occur that frequently in the night sky. There are usually only one or two sightings a year, explains West. Comet Ison, also called the Comet of the Century is predicted to appear later on this year. Ison is a sungrazer says West this means that its not clear if the icy ball will survive its close passage to the sun.

West says that scientists arent sure if, or when, Mitchells comet will reappear again in the skies.

Mitchells comet, named in honor of its discoverer, earned her a prize from King Fredrick VI of Denmark in 1848, as well as membership in the American Academy of Arts and Sciences the following year. Mitchell worked for a year up to her death in 1889 as a professor of astronomy at Vassar College, as well as a director of the Vassar College Observatory.

Hardy Irish brave flood

Hardy Irish brave flood

However, it hasnt stopped these hardy souls from continuing their pilgrimage.It was like something out of a horror movie, Gerard Moynihan, a Lourdesbased tour operator with Joe Walsh Tours, told the Herald. No words can describe the damage and the intensity of the water. Its so bad that the water has even been rising above the hotel name signs.

We have 100 over from Dublin now and were hopeful that they wont be as disrupted as others have been.

Some hotels have been closed but weve got them in the Hotel Solitude which, thankfully, hasnt been affected by the floods, Mr Moynihan said.

The Rosary Basilica reopened yesterday morning and the torchlight processions started again at 8pm Irish time last night. The Grotto area is expected to reopen today.

We had 600 people from the Cashel and Emly diocese here and they have just gone home. Another 500 were supposed to travel over from Limerick but their trip has been cancelled.

The 600 people we had here arrived on the June 16 and it was 31C at the time, and nobody expected this to happen

Mr Moynihan, who is from Limerick but lives in the area for the busy visitor season, said that the area has just got its electricity supply back and the damage caused will cost millions to repair.

Get ready for special number three

Get ready for special number three

Getting Less Special By The Day

Abortion, juvenile justice, and road spending. Those were the three measures Gov. Rick Perry put on the call for the first special session of the 83rd Legislature. With the failure of transportation funding, the second special sputtered to a grinding halt on July 30 as both the House and Senate called sine die. Enter Special Session Number Three, barely two hours after the second had finished. Even before the gavelingout, Perry had threatened to immediately recall members for another 30 days to try for another ride around the track. However, even Rep. Apparently, Perry wasnt listening.

With Perry wrecking everyones summer vacation, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst announced that working groups from the House and Senate will meet to salvage what they can of House Joint Reso 2, the failed transportation funding proposal. However, the Senate Finance Com turned around and immediately approved the text of HJR 2, now renumbered SJR 1 the House responded by gaveling straight out until Aug. 5. At heart, the bill rechannels some cash that would normally go to the Rainy Day Fund into the State Highway Fund, but there was insufficient consensus on the text during the last session to achieve passage. Out of the two, the Senate came closest to passage. On July 29, the upper chamber passed House Bill 16 the enabling legislation for the resolution 194. However, HJR 2 requires a twothirds majority in both chambers, and when it came up in the House, it failed 8440. The two chambers now seem at odds, with particular divisions between House and Senate Demo Members of the lower chamber fear the way the resolution dabbles with the requirement for a supermajority before accessing Rainy Day Fund cash, castrating the minoritys negotiating power on spending issues; the Senate thinks that the current language actually beefs up that control. Expect internal fingerpointing, much as the GOP is split over whether the resolution should write an untouchable $6 billion floor into the Rainy Day Fund.

Third Strike for College Construction

As Perrys third call limited debate to transportation funding, it was more bad news for lawmakers pushing to discuss tuition revenue bonds. Perry has ignored repeated bipartisan calls to add vital and overdue investment in state university buildings and infrastructure. However, lawmakers have tried to keep the issue alive: On July 30, after it was clear that HJR 2 was dead, TRBs were the only item on the House calendar. However, unless Perry adds them to the call, there can be no legislative movement.

GOP operatives were all giddy before the weekend, lighting up Twitter to castigate Sen. Wendy Davis, DFort Worth, as an absentee legislator. for a fundraiser on July 25. Cue grumbling from three Repub Senators Jane Nelson, Dan Patrick, and Donna Campbell that this should not be counted as an excused absence. Sen. Kevin Eltife, RTyler generally seen as one of the better, more evenhanded of Senate proceduralists, rolled his eyes and quickly curtailed the grandstanding of his peers. Curiously, those same nabobs were silent on the final two days of the session, when neither House nor Senate was running even close to full numbers as both Dems and Republicans left town for their vacations.

The race to replace Mark Strama in House District 50 took a strange turn as Municipal Judge Ramey Ko so far the leading fundraiser announced he will not run in the November special election. However, he will still run in the 2014 Dem primary. Confused? The special election is only to finish Stramas unexpired term, and the seat will be on the ballot again next November in the regular general election. The three remaining Democrats in the special Celia Israel, Rico Reyes, and Jade Chang Sheppard have now been joined by Republican Donald Dean.