Solar Energy Positives Negatives

Solar Energy Positives Negatives

Included is a list of many solar tech positives and negatives, and although not absolutely complete, you can see how the number of positives relating to solar energy, greatly outweigh the cons of solar power.

The main reason we are failing to see a great number of solar panel installations is due to perceived cost, and unfortunately, as the cost of fossil fuels remains lower than the original investment towards the currently available solar panels, we wont see a great shift towards solar energy production.

Solar technology produces energy very quietly. geothermal are very loud!

One of the many advantages of solar power is the ability to harness energy in remote areas that are not connected to any nationwide grid. A great example of this is in space, where high efficiency solar panels power satellites.

The use of solar power to produce electricity allows the individual to become less dependent on the earths fossil fuel stores.

Solar panel installation in rural places is much more cost efficient than laying the required high voltage wires.

Another great advantage of solar power is the cost. While the original cost of solar panels may be steep, once installed, they provide a free source of energy, which will pay off in the future.

Solar power can be very effective in a large area of the world, and new technologies allow for more efficient energy production on low sunlight days.

Solar panels can be placed on rooftops, which eliminates the challenge of locating the required space for solar panel placement.

DIYers have discovered that Solar cells can be built at very reasonable costs!

The major con of solar power is the original cost of solar systems. At present, prices of highly efficient solar panels can be above $1000, and some households may need multiple units. This makes the initial installation of solar panel arrays very costly.

Solar panels are only able to generate energy during sunlight hours. This means for around half of every day, solar panels are not producing electricity for your home.

The environment can affect the efficiency of solar panels.

The final solar power disadvantage is actually pollution, similar to overcast days pollution levels can affect a solar systems efficiency, this would be a major disadvantage for any business or industry wishing to use solar systems in heavily polluted areas, such as some of our cities. His personal favorite is Solar Energy for a variety reasons, but mostly because they can now be built by almost anyone for very little cost. The following are the best resources available: Instructions to build a solar panelreviews.