Sea Trout Lure

Sea Trout Lure

Sea Trout Lures

there are a couple absolutes to have on hand at all times. My number one and most used favorite sea trout lure is the Heddon Zara Spook.

My dad passed his knowledge of how to effectively use the Zara Spook for catching Gator Sea Trout, on to me as a young kid camping on the islands on the Indian river in Brevard county Florida back in the 70 key to working the zara spook is to and most fisherman do this wrong is to hold your rod tip about 30 degrees less than straight up in front of you. Not off to the side, and then starting with a bit of slack line, reel and pop the lure in a steady motion of pop and then drop the rod back down 30 degrees and then pop it up and continue.

What you get is a tail walking lure jerking from left to right.

Most fisherman using this killer sea trout lure will hold there rod out to there side and then pop the lure while retrieving which also casuses a left to right movement but one that is not nearly effective as the proper way which get the majority of the body out of the water and does a much better job of mimicking a finger mullet hopping accross the surface.

It does take a bit of practice and will wear out your wrist and forearm until you get used to it but you will see a lot more strikes and bigger fish by doing it the right way.

The Zara Spook is my confidence bait and I have consistently caught Sea Trout, Snook, Jacks, Lady Fish, and even a big Shark,actually I had hooked a nice trout first and then a shark grabbed my trout so it was a crazy 2 for 1 catch

If I am for some reason with out my top seatrout lure I will then fall back on my second favorite top water lure, the Jumping Minnow

I must confess I do not like the new model that came out a few years back. The bodies are made differently which I am sure is lowering production costs, but has also made the lure suffer a bit in it ability to draw strikes. The old body had a more scaly surface and a true finger mullet color pattern which I can not find anywhere. Don get me wrong it is still a great lure but it is different. They also changed the rattle inside. It makes a different sound which also I think has something to do with it overall appeal to the big trout. The older models also had a small feather tail on the rear hook which gave a little more movement to a solid lure.

Be that as it may I will not hesitate to tie on a jumping minnow if I am without my Zara Spook.

Working the lure is a bit easier on the arm since it works better as a reel 3 times pop reel then pop type retrieve.

I have found the jumping minnow to also be very effective for catching big redfish on as well.

Don head out for a day of Sea Trout fishing without at least picking up a Zara Spook and giving it a try.

For more Saltwater Gamefish info visit Visit Saltwater Gamefish

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