Regeneca Compensation Plan Exposed

Regeneca Compensation Plan Exposed

In this era of information overload, I dont aim to add avoidable information to what you dont need. In this precise Regeneca review, I am going to tell you how you can fight the signs of ageing with natural and organic Regeneca products and how you can gain financial freedom from Regeneca without cold calling, chasing family and friends and without being rejected often all on complete autopilot.

Regeneca International is a network marketing company that was formed to establish and market compound infused products that help customers reinforce their life.

Regeneca claims that their products are chosen by a criterion that involves the preservation and promotion of cellular health and regeneration, minimal packaging, and direct consumer sales eliminating middle men and associated costs. Regenecas mission statement is to provide products that fit the highest standard of conservation, and reduced carbon footprint, in addition to preserving and promoting the users health at the most elemental level of life the genetic level.

The above quality assurance statement is of chief importance today because we are all in exploration for natural effective products that pose the least danger to our health. Be organic, this could be a plus since the expected undesired effects are eliminated radically.

Regeneca has a wide range of products in the health, skincare, bath and body, and in the fitness lines.

The health line comprises several juice based beverages which are within the price range of $ 17.5 to $225 per bottle. These juices aresignificant in immune support, as potent antioxidants and in mens health. The juices contain botanic phenolic extracts and other phytochemical rich plants.

Regeneca facial products include facial wash, toner, moisturizer and anti aging serum, ranging in price from $25.00 to $56.00 and are composed of botanical extracts, polypeptide blends, and gamma amino butyric acid.

The information on Regenecas grooming products is limited, but specifies natural products that help the body eliminate the effects of the environment. The fitness category contains a vitamin supplement with antioxidants and phytochemicals from diverse fruits and vegetables.

Regeneca offers you a legit opportunity to take part in their innovative Direct Response Network Marketing Strategy DRNM.

What is DRNM? This is a business model that combines three multibillion dollar industries namely Direct Response, Network Marketing, and Consumer Driven. By so doing Regeneca has greatly improved the chances of success for those intending to start your own internet direct response business.

Joining Regenecas business model is like owning your own television infomercial business. What Regeneca does is produce and air its own infomercial campaigns for its products. Consumers who call in will be directed to your independent business where you are able to build your own network of customers and get paid!

The direct response network marketing line of attack gives you a clearadvantage over a usual direct marketing companies. As an independent business owner with Regeneca you can take advantage of this national branding and advertising.

But before we proceed further with the notion of a better business model and safe product profile; I would like to stress that your product, company and compensation plan are insignificant until you find a way to acquire your customers and business builders, right?

The money is not in the product. It is in your ability to market the product. How are you going to do that? The problem is that 99% of network marketers dont do it right because they dont know how to market. More on this later.

Building a Regeneca business seems to be both rewarding and lucrative. They have a commission structure that includes fast start commissions, matrix commissions through team sales, leadership bonuses, car bonuses, infinity bonuses and much more. The pay plan is designed to reward the representative and provide long term income.

The only way you are going to see any success in Regeneca is if you know how to market successfully! Easier said then done trust me! If you dont know how to get your Regeneca opportunity and products in front of the prospects that are in search of it then you will not make money right? Whats the point of having a great opportunity like Regeneca if you cant share it with prospects that are looking for it?!