Protandim inThe Journal

Protandim inThe Journal

This next part is a direct copy from The Circulation, a peer review Journal from the American Heart Association. This is the Abstract data that included Protandim with positive results.

Induction of myocardial nuclear factor E2related factor 2 and hemeoxygenase 1 with a dietary supplement Protandim prevented fibrosis and capillary loss and preserved RV function despite continuing pressure overload.

Pretty impressive in my mind that the American Heart Association has been studying this medicine. They have never endorsed a naturally occuring product before so this is huge. Protandim helps the heart but also can help post heart surgery. For people who have had a stint or a bypass surgery, these procedures end up with so much oxidative stress to the vessel that soon after the procedure the vessel is then soon close to the same blockage it had before the surgery. The research shows that the Protandim can help with the Arteriosclerosis and the Athlosclerosis which is amazing to say the least.

There are several universities and organizations that want to study protandim. When they first aired the ABC Primetime special with John Quinones they were excited because they new their formulation of Protandim influenced 3 survival genes. Several years later now they have studied and proven that they influence over 600 of these survival genes!

The question you should think about is what are you doing now to be prepared in the future for the health of your heart? Hopefully eating well and exercising but that alone is not enough. It makes sense to consider taking a supplement that can mend a damaged heart and turns on your Survival Genes! Help your body treat itself. That is the true chemistry and powerful medicine. Herbal remedies have been used since ancient times to treat everything on the planet. Its exciting to now have the true science that is legitimate and peer reviewed and picked up like articles like The AMAs Circulation. Wow, nice going Dr. McCord and all the others that put this together. You will find many many papers written on the link between the two. Protandim was able to obtain patents because it proved that it works on everyone 100% of the time. Lipitor is only 31% effective with many side effects yet used like crazy. 100% of the time is a strong claim and that is what is so exciting about this product. Everyone has oxidative stress and this product helps your body fight that in a way that was previously unavailable. Oxidation is that process and turning on your bodies ability to produce its own powerful chemistry is perhaps an approach worth considering.

Please contact me today for more information and to answer your questions. Thank you for seriously looking at this.