How to Get New Clients in

How to Get New Clients in 2012

The last two years have been a real challenge when it came to getting new clients. A lot of people were pinching their pennies. But the purse strings have loosened up again, and in order to get some of that newly circulating money, you want to get out there fast if you want to get new clients before they go to the competition.

And what does it mean to get out there? It means to get in front of people, either in person, through networking or making direct contact in various other ways. You can also make contact more indirectly, by starting a visibility campaign. Let look at them in order:

If you trying to find local clients, networking is probably the number one thing you could do. But just because you out there networking and attending one breakfast mixer after another doesn mean you get new clients. You have to network the right way.

And a lot of people aren doing that. They engaging in something I like to call gum ball marketing. They go to their networking mixers, pay their twenty dollars, and expect to walk out with new clients. And then they disappointed because they not getting results. That not surprising. People don like to be sold to.

What you want to do instead is focus on building relationships. And not just with potential clients but also with those who might know them. Those connection could send you referrals and turn into longterm referral partners who send you more referrals for a long time to come.

You don have to go to networking events to make contact with people. You can also pick up the phone and call them directly. There are a lot of people you could reach out to in that way: Your past customers and clients, your competitors, people in the community who might have access to your ideal clients, and many more.

You can also make contact with people you encounter in nonnetworking contexts. Chat with people who stand next to you in the grocery store checkout line, and if they could be potential clients or referral partners, give them your card and follow up.

In fact, following up is an entire category of contactmaking of its own. You probably have a huge stack of business cards from the meetings you been to. Why not make a habit out of picking a card or two a day and make a quick call, just to make contact and to see if you could help them in any way, with a referral, with some information, or maybe even with your services. If you do that consistently, you won ever have to worry again about how to get new clients in 2011 and beyond.

3 Start a visibility campaign

Getting out there in person is a great start when it comes to getting new leads and clients, but you can expand your reach greatly by conducting a visibility campaign. You can include various activities in your community, or enhance your visibility online, preferably both.

In your community, you can get involved in highprofile charity events. You can start speaking to groups. If you shy, start with Toastmasters and work your way up.

And get published. Write a column or even just an article for a local paper. Write a press release, get it published online, and send copies to local publications too.

You might even get yourself booked as a guest expert on a local radio program or TV show. There are lots of options.

Pick one or more from each category

Don restrict yourself to one category either. Start somewhere, but then go on and pick an activity or two from each category, and once those have become a habit, add another.

The important thing about growing your business is to give your potential clients a chance to find out about you and get to know you. Once you keep making those connections consistently and follow up, you find that you get plenty of new clients in 2011 and beyond.

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