Pen Turning

Pen Turning

Pen Press/Drilling JigDrill and assemble your pens perfectly with flush fittings and a smoothlyoperating mechanism! This dualpurpose jig takes care of both prep work and assembly. It holds your blank firmly in position for drilling, creating a precise, perfectly centered hole the entire length of the pen. Later, it smoothly presses your parts together without any bowing or misalignment. Notched jaws automatically center the blank for drilling, while two countersunk holes center the parts during assembly. Large clamping wheel provides slow, controlled pressure so youll never crack a casing again.

Woodworkers Guide to Sharpening, BookThere is no joy in dullness! Hone your sharpening skills with this book by professional woodworker John English. Follow him as he covers the gamut of sharpening methods and styles, staying true to his philosophy that the right way to sharpen is simply the way that works best for you. Youll learn all you need to know about nearly every sharpening method for a complete list, click More Info, and also enjoy a rare look at the sharpening setups of some of Americas best professional woodworkers such as Norm Abram, Sam Maloof, David J. Marks, Cindy Drozda, and more. 155 pages.

Projects Along the Woodturning Trail DVDThe sequel to Alan Lacers Woodturning: Getting Started Right, this 2disc DVD package includes over 4 hours of skill building exercises and projects for the beginning to intermediate woodturner. With Alans expert guidance, youll review sharpening techniques, practice exercises to develop tool control and good form, and explore a wide variety of projects, including: a screwdriver, a toothpick holder, a green wood bowl, a bowl from kilndried lumber, a weed/twig pot, a pepper mill, and more.

Majestic Rhodium Black Titanium Fountain Pen KitWith luxury at every turn, the Majestic is the finest pen kit we have to offer. It is hefty without being unwieldy, boasts an elegant design, and features regal details like a stunning Swarovski clear crystal set in the clip, intricate threedimensional engravings in the end cap and accent rings, and brilliant rhodium plating contrasting with black titanium bands. The iridiumtipped, Germanmade nib combines with a Schmidt ink reservoir to round out an artistic and exquisite writing utensil. Use the bushings, drill bits, and mandrel listed below.

Junior Gentlemens Rollerball Pen KitsThis is a star in the world of smaller, premium pens. With improved features like the new effortless thread system, as well as beautiful chrome or gold accents to match gorgeous plating and a smooth writing Schmidt cartridge, the Jr. Gentlemens II really does set the standard for this type of pen. Available in black titanium and 10k gold. Black titanium plating features chrome accents. Gold plating features gold accents. Use the bushings, drill bits, and mandrel listed below.

Wood Turning Safety and Safety Equipment

When wood turning on a lathe, as with other woodworking tools, safety should be the woodworkers first concern. Learn the special precautions one should keep in mind when wood turning, to make wood turning fun and safe.

Lathe Safety

Mini Lathe Safety

The AAW Lathe Safety Guidelines The American Association of Woodturners

The AAW Lathe Safety Guidelines

Safe, effective use of a wood lathe requires study and knowledge of procedures for using this tool. Read and thoroughly understand the label warnings on the lathe and in the owners/operators manual.