Olympus C

Olympus C5000

The Olympus C5000 is one of my favorite digital cameras. It has that sleek, classy metal look that I prefer to more traditional, bulky, black and boring digital cameras. What can I say, Im a sucker for chrome. Its just so stylish, its hard to compete with, and if youre going to spend all that money on a digital camera, you might as well get one that looks good.

A step up from Olympuss C4000 digital, the C5000 is, naturally, a five megapixel camera. Combine that with the standard three times optical zoom and youve got yourself a camera that takes really great photos. Even a novice will be able to take pictures like a pro.

Its great for the photographer on the go as well. It is a very small and lightweight camera. It can fit right in your pocket or in a small bag or purse. If your kids are off to travel Europe after graduation, send them with a C5000 to help them cherish those memories for a lifetime. This is a great camera for travelers, so you know they wont be disappointed.

Inexperienced photographers will benefit from the cameras automated features. The auto program mode allows users to take pictures with total ease. Simply point the camera at your target and click the button. The camera will focus for you. Photographers with more experience can have more control over their pictures by using the cameras manual settings, making this a great camera for users of all skill levels.