Not A Follower

Not A Follower

When you make the decision to follow your life purpose, it feels like a very personal event. In fact, although it can be a quiet, private decision, its impact will have amazing effects on your life and that of those around you. Because when you follow your heart on your journey towards your dreams, you take on an extra responsibility, not only for yourself but for the wider community.

People will see how you change and grow, and develop that spiritual side of yourself and will be directly affected by it they too have the potential to become more loving, open and peaceful people and they will learn from you.

Its a huge responsibility. But that is what it is to be a leader. It means you live by example; you set personal goals and standards, and mark your place in the universe and stand by it so that others can be inspired to do the same. And you always continue to raise your standards.

You might ask but how does a leader become a leader? Surely you have to learn how to develop and grow. Doesnt that make you a follower?

Thats right, it does. However, the value of being a follower in this quest to find your truth is in the added responsibility of showing to others how you take on the commitment to learning how to realise your dreams. Even if you are a follower, you can still lead by example. You can inspire others with your words and actions, and you can show others how to learn.

Exactly the same applies to a leader, because a leader never stops learning and is always a student in terms of their own development and discovery of truth.

Being a leader means that you understand the power that you have and you use it wisely. It means that others will find inspiration in your commitment to truth in both happy and adverse times.

You can be the candle flame in someones darkness so that they can find their way out again to the light. And you can show by your courage and strength of purpose that there is no need to be afraid; that everything in life is possible if you only live from your heart.