New Type of Spam

New Type of Spam

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Installing Akismet was the best thing I ever did.

Akismet catches hardly any spam. Whats the use of Akismet then? you might ask. Well, the spammers know that I have Akismet and so dont bother me, in the main.

The few who do try me on can now easily be handled. Theyre mostly amateurs who use the same IP address each time, so I can easily block them.

Problem not entirely solved but well under control.

Interesting thing about Akismet. Its effect was instant. That is, I thought it wasnt working. After a week it had caught no spam. Initially, I installed Akismet on only one blog of about 15 in subdomains of the same domain. The spammers left my whole domain alone.

Ive been looking into Bad Behavior lately. Theres a great wordpress plugin, but Ive been wanting its protection on other CMS, including a few custom built sites.

Theyve just launched a new standalone version, it has a few bugs that Im working on ironing out, but I definitely think its worth moving on. Using htaccess, it includes itself within anything at all. The main problem is with already mod_rewritten URLs containing an extension in the request url. I had to alter the generated htaccess code to make it work.

It comes with an installer very basic but does the job and I managed to install it in less than 2 minutes.

Instead of using the request contents it looks at the way the request is made, blocking at source if its in anyway suspicious. From the bad behavior standalone site:

BadBehavior wrote:Many antispam solutions operate only by blocking IP addresses much like the police only trying to stop identified criminals. Bad Behavior seeks to recognize behaviors of spambots and other malicious bots, and stop them from accessing your site before they can do any harm. Like the police, it cant stop every criminal, but it can prevent a lot of them from accessing your site and wreaking havoc. It also logs IP addresses, so that it can recognize those behaviors more accurately. But it doesnt rely on that as the only means of stopping the bad guys.

3 days after installing the standalone on a custom site, traffic was down by 65% ish so instant panic, as you can imagine.

BUT, looking through the logs, that 65% ish drop was all spam bots. So its 65% ish less bandwidth, 65% ish server resources and 100% ish more reliable stats..