Nautical Flagpoles

Nautical Flagpoles

Nautical flagpoles, as the name implies, are flagpoles dealing with ships and ocean navigation. However, a nautical flagpole doesnt have to be on a ship. You will also find them in marinas, yacht clubs and at places like shipping museums. Nautical flagpoles can be identified by the yardarm that sticks out on either side of pole causing it to resemble a cross.

When perusing your nautical flagpole choices, you will come across the single pole and the double pole. The single pole simply has a yardarm. The double pole, however, has a yardarm and a gaff. A gaff is another, smaller pole that tends to extend forward and at a slightly upward angle from where the yardarm and the main pole meet. This can be used to hang smaller flags if you wish.

You will find that many of todays nautical flagpoles are made of aluminum but have a coating that makes them look white. For a look thats a throwback to the older ships with many masts, you might want to opt for wooden poles. In fact, some of the most ornate flagpoles were wooden and made for long voyages across the ocean. Wood, however, requires quite a bit of maintenance and upkeep.

Buying a Nautical Flagpole

Before you purchase your flagpole, you will need to determine where it will go. If it will be near the seaside, it will most likely be subject to a lot of wind. Make sure you buy a pole that can bear high winds. You will also want something thats easy to keep clean as the salt water can do damage to some materials.