main street in madrid

main street in madrid

Each city has its main street but Madrid is not like any o0ther city hence even in such theme it tries to stay different. As you understood there is no main street but many locals say that the gtreat way which is Gran Via is the most centralized in the Spanish capital.

First draft of the street connecting the two fashionable metropolitan area Arguelos and Salamanca, was developed around 1862. This project could not be realized. Only after 40 years was it was finally approved by the project construction, which, incidentally, has caused an outcry of residents and owners, who according to the plan were to be demolished. The right to build a new street for 29 million pesetas was given to French banker Albert Martin Silver. However, in 1923 the banker lost his right to build the industrialist of the Basque Country Horacio Echeveriette Maruri.

During the construction of streets, reaches a width of 35 and a length of 1,315 meters, more than 300 buildings were demolished. For example, the construction of a new street took the level of 34 meters Prisesa nearby street. For this reason, several houses had to continue down the whole floor. The builders had to perform extremely costly for the reconstruction of the ground floors and basements. Front doors of some houses have turned into a balcony. To expand the roadway old trees were transplanted closer to home.

The current main street in Madrid Gran Via is clearly divided into three sections. The first portion extending to the square Red de San Luis, in the style of classical architecture, many of the houses here have a clear imprint neovozrozhdeniya style it spacious balconies, numerous columns and large eaves. The second section of the street is going to Plaza Callao. In architecture, there is confusion of American modernism with a French architectural style. The third section between the areas of Callao and Spain, is made entirely in the rational American spirit.

On the Gran Via there are many houses that are known not only in Spain but throughout the world. For example, room located on the corner of Victor Hugo, was the progenitor of illuminated advertising Madrid.

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